Congratulatory New Pregnancy Poem - The Little One Within

by Archana

Your wish to have a baby

A little one of your own,
A beautiful experience, so new
A dream for you has now come true
Heartfelt wishes and love from me,
Congratulations to the mother-to-be

You yearned to hold your child,
And hear happy baby gurgles,
It is now time to look forward
To see your baby soon
I waited all this while,
To see the mother in you smile

9 months ahead of motherhood
May it be filled with all the joy
As you take little steps,
Into being a wonderful mother,
Each day as it passes, you will see
How it feels to be a mother-to-be

There will be challenges on your way
As your mind and body grows each day
To make way for your little one
As you step closer to the big day
But it will all be worth it someday
“I’m a proud mother” you will say

A mother means the world to her child
And to know you mean it all to someone
Who is a piece of your heart, so small
And needs all your love and your care
It will make you forget all the pain
And make all pregnancy worries seem in vain

When you hold the baby in your arms
And lovingly gaze at your child
It will make you feel all the more special
And enrich your life all the way through
And your life will be changed forever
You will feel blessed, more than ever

I wish you all the joy for the days to come
And hope you enjoy every bit of this time
Congratulations to you once again,
For your days of motherhood ahead
And I know when the baby arrives one day,
It will fill your life with joy, each and every day

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