Christian Pregnancy Poem - Becoming Exceedingly More

by Gbemi Tijani
(Ibadan, Nigeria)

(A Monologue)

My most resplendent courier –My Lord has done a good job
He’s helped me to release it and deliver it at the right time
This’is interesting beyond the destination of a part of me
Something significant is happening beyond my hubby s sperm travels’
His promise is fulfilled. His friend will be mighty in the land
His love is unrivaled, incomparable
The glory has arrived there!
Undergoing transformation beyond
Human comprehension except-
The test -tube formatting alternative
I have taken -in the fecund glory
My Isaac will soon be dropped
As viviparous as He‘s faithfully
Formed it. I didn’t expect less…
I had been longing to become more!
The Provider has done it
I shall not be barren
No woman should be unfruitful
My gender has established it
I’ m a compendium of womanhood
A primordial helpmate to mankind
The long expected biological pause has happened.
It‘s clicked and stayed successfully
Lots of laughs for this generous physiology-
It’s done!
Blessed you!
Lord of lords for this sequel biochemistry
No reverse action -in Jesus Mighty name
It’ll bring forth another human or even triplet
Beyond the microscopic egg…

Will I be asking too much if I wish the ovum splits into commodious three?
No qualms we have oil –the best grade and the sixth supplier in the world
Infinite natural gas beyond measure, we‘re largest cultivator of cassava the largest in the world
And beans galore, in particular, Cajanus cajan, black eye beans,sword beans
And numerous species native to Nigeria –their fatherland
To herald the triplet ‘s august arrival
To justify those nations who have melted into my biology across
The prosaic unmarried years
Salute to Mother Nature for Her unfathomable skills in natural replication
An’ selective favour in giving meaning and marvel
To sexual actions in marriage or para-marriage.
He decides which of the quadrillions
Of daily licit or illicit coition will be productive beyond salt an’ sweet talk
He has the discretion to empower one special egg
Exceptionally mobile enough beyond Wilson Bolt speed
And to enter the largest cell known to the science of biology
To commence the making of man or woman
In my own case an embryonic normal man
I laugh and laugh unbelievably as Mary and biblical Lizzy did
Alleluai to infinity I should gratefully croon now
Not just tarry till His second coming…
Alleluai to`His eternal reign
With signs and wonder and enlargement

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Sep 30, 2014
pregnancy & perpetuation onus
by: gbemi tijani mst

Its not easy to be indifferent to make babies as a married couple or even as uncommitted single who s undecided about coupling.Its pretty difficult to be left alone in African societies especially -to chose not to reproduce as at when due!

However the percentage of care-free gals and guys are very insignificant and just to show they could have had unresolved issues then -psycho-social or purely economic -they might turn out to be baby boomers!

More info when there s power to commend the paradox of the sin in the Garden of Eden by Adam & Eve -before Christ Jesus. Christ era positively envisioned the alacrity of children and Psalm 112:1-10 prophesized the outcome & fate of such kids as young adults that will become an abundant generation whose foes shall gnash their teeth at their bottomless treasury.

Blessedly they are faithfully prayed upon servant and believers that fear the Lord and gladdened by His Commandments -to be spiritually fruitful too.
Just as real rhema - the word of God says - no one shall lack her mate. Its true too that no one shall lack her pregnancy!

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