Christian Pregnancy Poem - A Baby Is Coming

by Gbemi Tijani
(Ibadan, Nigeria)

Assurance galore - a baby is coming,

Presumably a super cool, fruitful Isaac
Or incredibly persistent civic Lincoln
Who knows if he will grow up to love his Jerusalem
God s own place as I, now love my womb than hitherto

I won‘t mind sowing a seed as a token response
To the Lord‘s proven fertility of His delicate gateway in my body
Thanks to His making my intimacy with my hobby beyond infrequent orgasms -
There’s something permanent now to show for our union and daily giggling
I should be closer now to Him making us more responsible
To occupy the planet selflessly...
A baby is in the making. This is real – no longer a dream.

Who‘s he likely to be or become? A caveat here, I should merely fantasize
But he’s a prophesy inasmuch as a mini –man originally developing
From the fertilized egg before assuming the status of a downloadable foetus
From the birth canal we adore as sacred in maternity cafes
Yet the most salacious portal men want to touch in an atmosphere of love
Or again as a necessary an’ regal routine in marital bliss..
How else will humankind be perpetuated without
These miniature formats of reproducible man or woman…

What if he grows up to become a farmer?
Yes what isn’t noble about farmers?
They are far from poverty except neglected by the governors at their own peril!
What if he wants to farm the people he loves
Or cultivate the conscience of right thinking equilibrant people?…
What if he wants to become a populist shepherd
As bold as David that defends his father s sheep from predating deer and lion
And desire to herd his people towards the white house in Washington DC ?
Will heaven fall from rewarding the righteous ruler on earth
And his tacit loyalists with eternal bliss?
Nothing is impossible in a small sphere of marital affair too
My monthly life water has ceased flowing
My dear pregnancy showing up now not later is a prophecy

What‘s wrong about ambition backed up by involved psychology
Go there -we are with you
We see your selfless vision become timely
And a hotspot for digital egalitarians
Nice thing not just fleeting news
Wow… I can’t fathom how delighted my father and mother - in-laws will feel
Especially the most preferred and the less marginalized gender coming to our family fold
Ultrasound has revealed the real thing! Time will tell the rest stories
Beyond the myopia of matrilineal African societies
Which gender should be more welcome for perpetuity?

Alleluai..I’ m almost a young mother
Who’ll soon set up and manage a table of kids
Beyond the dinning room, the diapers, the baby sitting,
the skimpy clothing, the crèche, the school run
the high school convocation and the college crown
if his cerebral profile customized his career path that way
No hassles in view –our country is richly resourceful
But there a warning here for her to remain in abundance
she should plan ahead 2020, 2050 and manage equitably.

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Sep 30, 2014

pregnancy is almost always a desired agenda for replicating the family & nations.i adore pregnancy initiative & natural nutrition

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