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Knowing the best position to get pregnant is important for couples who are trying to conceive, and waiting in much anticipation for pregnancy, especially those trying for the first pregnancy.

Quite many couples find it pretty easy trying to get pregnant. Combining the right diet, good health, and timing, the sperm may easily fertilize the ovum and conception occurs.

On the other hand, some couples find it practically difficult to conceive for a number of factors. The constraints in getting pregnant may involve obvious reasons such as ignorance or lack of fertility awareness, weak stamina, and to the less conspicuous ones like sperm count or impotency.

To increase your fertility awareness and enlighten you more on practical steps you can take to increase your chances of conceiving, we have decided to give you tips of insight into the best positions to get pregnant during sexual intercourse.

Yes, you just read it right; there are positions during sex that can be favorable and helpful to the process of getting pregnant. We will also give you an explanation as to why such positions aid the conception process.

When it comes to practicing the best position to get pregnant, the general rule is that the man’s sperm must be ejaculated closely to the woman’s cervix as much as possible. This is crucial, considering the life spans of the woman’s egg and the man’s sperm.

Once an egg is released from the woman’s ovary – usually referred to as ovulation – it’s received into the fallopian tube and begins to glide down towards the womb. Every ovulated egg or ovum usually survives for about 24 hours, whereas a sperm may be actively alive for 3-5 days in a woman’s body. As such, the sperm has to be as closely available to fertilize the egg before it dies-out.

The principle underscoring the essence of any best position to get pregnant is about getting into a sex position that’s ideal in having the most possible deep penal (penis) penetration into the vagina, such that the sperm is best aided to flow-up the uterus through the cervix, thus increasing the chances of ovum fertilization in the quickest time possible.

Many would contemplate on the idea that there's a best position to get pregnant during sexual intercourse. The logical point is that it makes sense to assume the position that can help the sperm meet the egg in the shortest possible time.

It’s advisable not to leave any stone unturned in trying to conceive. This is especially true for couples who have problems or difficulty conceiving.

Having said that, the first tip in getting result from any of the best positions to get pregnant which we’ll be examining below, is to avoid sex positions that least expose the cervix to the man’s sperm, and that doesn’t subject the released sperm to gravity.Such popular counter-conception sex positions include; sex in standing and sitting positions, and sex with the woman on top.

When having sex for conception, it’s reasonable you avoid positions that will allow “exodus” of sperm to flow out of the vagina after ejaculation.

The woman's hips should also be positioned such that the released sperm is aided to flow into the woman as much as possible.

The best position to get pregnant - “The Missionary or Man-On-Top Position"

This position is widely believed to be the best for getting pregnant. It helps the penis penetrate deep into the vagina, making it possible for sperm to be ejaculated closest to the cervix and thus allowing the sperm to easily flow upstream through the cervix.

Other Positions for Getting Pregnant – 3 Star

- “Raising the Hips”
This position can be achieved by placing a pillow behind the woman to elevate her hips.

“Raising or Elevating the Hips” position can be helpful because it exposes the woman’s cervix to as much sperm as the man can release.

- “Doggy Style”
The back-end position where the man enters the woman from behind is also a position believed to be helpful in the conception process.

In this position, sperm is released close to the cervix, thus making it easier for the sperm to easily flow-up the cervix.

- “Side by Side”
This refers to the position of having sex with the man and woman lying side by side. This position likewise provides the most exposure of the cervix to the man’s sperm.

Importantly, while orgasm has nothing to do with sexual positions, there are research findings that suggest the importance of the female orgasm or climax experience during sex, in enhancing the process of conception.

According to studies, woman’s orgasm experience comes with a kind of contractions or pulsating effect that could aid sperm in swimming upstream through the cervix.

In addition to using best position to get pregnant during sexual intercourse, you can further improve your chances by taking these practical measures after ejaculation:

- The man should minimize sperm leak-out after ejaculation by keeping his penis in the vagina as deeply as possible for few minutes after ejaculation, even though a leak out is unavoidable.

- After withdrawing his penis, the man can gently press the woman's labia together to prevent sperm leakage.

Importantly, the woman should remain lying on her back for between twenty to thirty minutes. Her lower back can be supported by a pillow to tilt-up her pelvis a bit.

So, any of the best positions to get pregnant adduced above should be tried and evaluated if you really want to get the most out of sexual intercourse, in trying to conceive.

Remember that an ounce of common sense coupled with practical application can go a long way in achieving desired result.

Feel free to talk with your partner and see to it that you enjoy fun and pleasure, even as you experiment with any best position to get pregnant. Who knows, this may just be the right boost for you and your partner in your efforts at getting pregnant.

PregnancyMama sincerely wishes you the best of pregnancy possibilities in your concerted effort at conceiving. Good-luck! 

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