Beautiful Pregnancy Poem - On Fullness

by Jonathan Kraft, 2012
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

In this small box is a gift for you

As you begin this new time, in time
Although a gift befitting your new position
is poorly represented in a box or a rhyme

I hope you’ll still allow me just a moment
I promise to do my absolute best
to attempt to convey the wondrous joy
and the ways in which you are blessed

Your body’s adapting to care for something
Your skin has a natural glow
Your body is growing new life inside
You’re imparting part of you, you know?

And it’s not just you who is blessed-to-be
Your genes contain so much within
Your beauty becomes baby’s eyes, mouth, and hair
Baby’s cute little toes and soft little chin

You are a mother-to-be, that is true
The most important job in the world
You are the reason that families are built
You, the cause for flags to be unfurled

You are the strength that suprasses understanding
No challenge too great, no trifle too small
And yet through it all your beauty shines through
Lighting up every room, shining down every hall

The world knows for certain, when they see you
the importance of the work you are doing
After a long day, you’ll likely be tired,
But soon a baby will be cooing

Your baby will grow and you will be there
Still giving life with all that you bring
Bringing the beauty that you’ve always had
Imparting it to (and through) your offspring.

Your body is changing, many days uncomfortable
The sacrifices you go through, all for love’s sake
But because of you and the beauty you’re sharing
There are amazing contributions your child will make

You may feel quite full with baby inside
You might feel surprised at your own mirrored sight
But remember that it is indeed your fullness
that is filling the world with light

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