Beautiful Poem for a Baby Boy

by Stella Rastovac

Beautiful pregnancy poem for baby boy shared by a mindful happy pregnant woman reflecting her feelings and joy, in a poem, as she awaits the birth of her baby boy.

Hours glide smoothly through my fingers
While I was watching the day kisses the night
My heart is full of joy
I'll be mother of a little boy! A boy!

I’ll forget all about fairy-tale dresses and ballet slippers
You will not be needing them
Our little family will become a royal
Because you are our prince

We'll wander through the stories about dragons and heroes
And I'll kiss your tiny face every night
There is nothing sweeter in the world
Than when the boy utters words - “ I love you, mom”

Even now I know your favorite color will be blue
As your eyes will be blue as your fathers eyes
I'll be keeping all the secrets of your heart with your hand in mine
Because you know that you're my whole world

Even now, when you're nothing more
Than a promise of future happiness
I promise to wipe your tears so gently
That you would not even know

And I'll hold you when you cry in helpless rage
Because of spilled juice, a match lost, misplaced toys
Words can not express how much we eagerly await
To hear your first cry and to hear you breath

My son, you're everything I ever wanted
And I know that you can not go wrong
'Cause our love is the light
That will illuminate the path of life

In my belly're safe, my voice will soothe you
In a night like this, I’ll sing gentle lullablies...just for you
Beware that many are eagerly awaiting your arrival
But none more than your father and me

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