A Poem to Pregnant Daughter

by Adeniyan Adekemi
(Ternopil, Ukraine)

This Poem is from a Mother encouraging her pregnant daughter. She simply acknowledges the fact that pregnancy is a beautiful gift from God and she also tells her daughter about the Joy of Motherhood in this poem to her pregnant daughter.

I remember years ago when I was just like you
Nine months together with you waiting for a miracle
And now you are here with your own very child
You're perfect as a goddess
You are beautiful and unique
the whole world is warmed by you
By the fetus you wear in your womb
in spite of life’s wickedness
You stand tall and bear it all.

Inside you is a child, a miracle just like you
Just yesterday you were a little child
Just yesterday you were a bride
But today awakens the mother in you
You are at the beginning of a new dawn
One that shines brighter and clearer
Till the break of a new day
Do not be afraid to weep for joy
Be not scared of what is ahead

There is a pain that brings joy
In nine months you would feel it all
But I will hold your handheld your hand
I will feel you with courage and words
That will open your soul to bear it all
You still have to endure
take the unbearable for love
For your unborn child, for the life in you
It’s going to be worth it

Daughter you're like the sun
you're the most beautiful girl in the world
Do not feel otherwise because you hold a life
You are perfect, lovely and wonderful
You are every man’s dream
Look into your soul and find your strength
Release yourself into motherhood
I’ll teach you what my mother taught me
You will raise your child just like I raised you

How sweet life can be
as a beautiful rose lies underneath every bed
So is the joy that comes with motherhood
Waking up with your child in your arms
Watching him sleep like the solemn moon
Brings the feel of smelling love
Daughter do not be discouraged
Daughter do not be weary
For this is the beginning of a new dawn

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