9 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Pregnancy Week Nine.



When you’re 9 weeks pregnant, you’re getting close to the end of first trimester. Your baby is still growing at an amazing rate, busy building its muscles, getting ready to move its arms and legs.

You may not look pregnant at this stage. However, your body is working all the time in a 24 hours life support for your growing baby. Learning more about your baby’s development and possible changes in your body can help you in many ways.

Your baby weighs less than 10 grams and about 2.3 centimeters (1 inch) long when you’re 9 weeks pregnant. All its body parts are now present, but they’ve not yet take their full forms. The eyelids of the baby are fused and they open only after 26 weeks.

The nose, nostrils and mouth become more distinct. The wrists, knees, shoulders and elbows are more developed and fingers and toes are more visible around ninth week. The inner workings of the ears are complete in pregnancy week 9.

Though the sex of your baby cannot be identified in ultrasound at this stage, its genitals have begun to develop. The placenta has developed well to support your body in producing hormones.

The head of the baby has straightened and some new organs like the gallbladder, liver and spleen are forming. Your baby’s heart has grown large enough, so its beats can be heard with a Doppler device at your doctor’s office.

In pregnancy week 9, as your baby is going through several changes, morning sickness and fatigue are experienced by many moms. Your body undergoes rapid changes, as well, to accommodate the needs of your growing baby. These changes reduce your energy level, possibly making you feel fatigued.

Your waistline is increased and your clothes and bra start fitting snugly, when you’re 9 weeks pregnant. A slight bulge in your lower abdomen may begin to show up.

The surging hormone levels may cause breast tenderness. The areola becomes larger and darker. You may even notice small bumps on the areola. These bumps will secrete oil for lubrication and for keeping the nipple and areola supple.

Tips of Advice

When you’re 9 weeks pregnant, the changes in your hormone may lead to frequent mood swings. You may experience stress and anxiety. Try to follow some relaxation techniques like meditations or going for a walk with your partner to ease stress and anxiety.

Your body and breasts begin to increase in size by the time you’re nine weeks pregnant, so it’s important to buy supportive bra and comfortable clothes.

Folic acid, calcium and iron are some of the nutrients important for you and your baby’s health. DHA, an Omega 3 fatty acid is also crucial for the development of brain tissues. You can get DHA by taking oily fish like salmon and sardines and egg yolk.

Heart burn and bloating are common when you’re nine weeks pregnant. The best way to avoid or reduce the severity of these symptoms is to avoid certain foods. Spicy foods, caffeine and highly acidic foods can trigger these symptoms, so endeavor to avoid them.

Possible Tests in Pregnancy Week 9

By the time you’re 9 weeks pregnant, you need to begin prepare yourself for antenatal screening. If your age is 35 or more or you have a family history of genetic diseases, your doctor may recommend you to undergo a Chronic Villus Sampling test.

This test helps to find out any birth defects and abnormalities. Likewise, blood test is taken to detect the hemoglobin levels in your blood. It also helps to know about your blood group.

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