9 Month Wait - A New Pregnancy Poem from PregnancyMama

by Leah Slootweg

Here is a a new pregnancy poem for a newly pregnant woman; rejoicing with her, motivating and comforting her about the rigors, fun and what to expect of the new pregnancy journey while wishing her a successful pregnancy experience.

Back to your next level in motherhood
This child will hold your heart like no other
This is not the first time for you though
But each pregnancy is brand new and different
In this journey there will be times and days
When your life isn’t full of sunshine rays
Your belly will grow, your jeans won’t fit
A craving for watermelon in the winter snow
You may grow impatient to see your little one
You may wonder if your social life is done
But that first time you feel it move about
A little wiggle under your hand, you’ll want to shout
You and daddy pick out a name or two
Something special with meaning to you
Paint the baby’s room, buy clothes and toys
Start a journal to record your fears and joys
Get a massage, relax while you can
Take some time away with just your man
When the time comes when baby is ready
Don’t panic, breathe nice and steady
It’s hard work and it could take a while
But you’re in good hands so try to smile
You’ve been down this road before
So you know what’s really in store
In the end, though you are exhausted and in pain
Life as you know it will never be the same
It is worth everything you’ll go through
When you see your baby smile at you

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