8 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Pregnancy Week Eight.



Are you 8 weeks pregnant? Good news, your chance for having a miscarriage is reduced significantly. Your baby’s is growing at a rapid rate at this stage. It is moving spontaneously and shifting continuously now, but you won’t be able to feel that move several weeks.

It’s advisable you get more information about the development of your baby and acquainted with possible changes in your body at this stage.

Your embryo is called a fetus at the time you’re in pregnancy week 8. The embryonic tail is gone at this time. All organs, nerves and muscles of your baby start functioning. Eyelid folds and ears are forming at this stage. Your baby’s eyes are still wide apart on the sides of its head, but they will come to the center eventually. Eyelids are developing to cover the eyes. The tip of the nose is present at this time.

The aortic and pulmonary valves are present and its heart beats 150 times per minute. The arms of your baby were tiny buds just a few weeks before. Now the elbows are present and the arms and legs grow longer. Fingers and toes become visible in pregnancy week 8.

When you’re 8 weeks pregnant, you may notice that your waistline is increasing and your bra is getting tighter. Your uterus is becoming larger, as your baby grows.

Increasing levels of hormones cause breast growth to prepare for lactation. You may feel cramping or pain in your lower abdomen or side at this stage, as your uterus grows. Hormonal changes may make you feel fatigued.

You may find trouble in getting a good night’s sleep at the time you’re eight weeks pregnant. You may experience nausea and vomiting, as well as cravings. These cravings may be due to nutritional deficiency.

Bloating and constipation may be experienced by some moms in eight week of pregnancy. You need to get as much help as possible from your healthcare provider, especially if you experience severity with any symptoms.

Relaxin, a protein hormone produced during pregnancy works to relax all the muscles in your body, including your gastrointestinal tract. This causes the gastrointestinal tract to process the food slowly, causing gas and indigestion problems.

Heightened sense of smell is common when you’re eight weeks pregnant. Increased vaginal discharge and occasional headaches may as well be experienced by some moms.

You can manage the symptoms you experience at the time you’re 8 weeks pregnant by taking some simple measures. Taking plenty of fruits, water and fruit juices are good for you and your baby. Many studies show ginger can help reduce pregnancy nausea and vomiting. You can take ginger cookies or candies to reduce your queasy feeling.

Possible Tests

Your healthcare provider may possibly recommend you undergo screening and diagnostic tests, when you’re 8 weeks pregnant. Screening tests may be recommended to find out the risk for some conditions.

Diagnostic tests can help understand whether the baby is healthy. Blood and urine tests are taken to confirm whether you have any communicable diseases like Hepatitis,HIV..and to check your blood type, blood count and nutrient levels.

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