7 Months Pregnant - Let's Examine What Happen about your Baby and Mom.



For most 7 months pregnant moms, the symptoms usually experienced in month seven are same as before. No major physical changes are really expected to occur in the first weeks of the third trimester.

However, pounds continue to pile on as the baby grows while tiredness may become more accentuated due to the increasing weight.

While some worries, frustration and overwhelming feelings may set in, remaining positive and calm during pregnancy month 7 is important and good for you and your baby.

Fetal Growth in 7 Months Pregnant Moms

By the end of month 7, the baby weights around 3 pounds, measuring about 16 inches in length. Tiny hairs covering its body begin to disappear and head hair begins to grow.

The baby can hear clearer now and the amniotic fluid helps to conduct sounds. Keeping the volume of amniotic fluid moderate is recommended for avoiding over stimulation.

Sight also becomes more developed and an ultrasound conducted in pregnancy month 7 can show your baby’s tiny eyelashes moving and its eyes closing and opening.

Lungs begin to function normally and although they’re not mature yet, in case of premature birth the baby would be able to survive outside the uterus.

Taste buds are fully developed and the baby can now feel the taste of amniotic fluid so the mom should be careful with the foods she eats.

As pregnancy month 8 approaches, the baby ideally begins to assume the head down position, getting ready for the big uterine exit event – delivery.

Changes in 7 Months Pregnant Moms

A typical belly of 7 months pregnant mom measures around 11 inches and the skin feels itchy, stretched and sometime dried out. Breasts start leaking a yellow fluid called colostrums and vaginal discharge increases.

The extra pressure exerted by the growing baby on the lower abdomen triggers digestive issues like flatulence, bloating and constipation. Ligaments supporting the belly become more stretched and legs cramps and swelling become more intense.

As the pressure on the bladder increases, pregnant women tend to urinate more frequently. Varicose veins may become visible, aches in the back and legs become more disturbing and interfere with sleeping, likely causing symptoms such as fatigue, nervousness and anxiety to return.

Some seven months pregnant women experience hot flashes, tingly feet and hands, skin eruptions and sciatic pain, pregnancy pillows are recommended for reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve and calming pain radiating from the lower back to legs.

However, the newest and most exciting change in 7 months pregnant mom is the Braxton Hicks contractions, which prepare the uterus for birth. These contractions will be constantly experienced during the last trimester so they should not be a cause for concern.

However, if Braxton Hicks contractions become too painful and don’t stop by changing position, it could be a sign of early labor, please inform your obstetrician or healthcare provider immediately.

Tips for Coping During Pregnancy Month 7

Drinking plenty of fluids helps you reduce skin dryness and prevent constipation while increasing energy levels. Adopting a diet that’s high in calcium is recommended during this pregnancy month. The baby’s bones need this mineral for getting stronger and sustaining its body properly.

7 Months pregnant moms are advised to take enough rest. It reduces the risk of premature birth and keeps mood swings, irritability and stress at bay.

Daily walks, breathing exercises and relaxing naps during the day are useful for reducing fatigue, preventing circulation problems and reducing legs swelling and aches.

Sleeping on one side with knees bent also improves circulation and ensures a comfortable position for the baby. If breasts discharge becomes too disturbing, investing in some breast pads is a good idea.

Possible Tests in Pregnancy Month 7

No special tests are required this month besides the regular blood and urine tests for measuring blood pressure, the levels of proteins and sugars in blood and for detecting the presence of potentially harmful bacteria.

However, if no glucose screening exam was done by now, it’s a good moment to take it. Also, checking iron levels is recommended for preventing anemia and avoiding fetus development issues triggered by low iron values.

As the last trimester, starting at month 7, approaches its end, impatience and anxiety may appear and episodes of depression are likely.

Preparing the baby shower, taking birth classes, discussing contradictory feelings with your obstetrician and talking about labor signs and issues can help 7 months pregnant moms in overcoming the peculiar cares and concerns of the pregnancy month seven.

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