6 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Pregnancy Week Six



By the time you’re 6 weeks pregnant, you may start experiencing some symptoms. If you’ve not clinically confirmed your pregnancy at sixth week, you’ll have to do so by visiting your healthcare provider to confirm it. The doctor will possibly check whether you’re iron deficient and you’ll be tested for specific genetic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, in pregnancy week 6.

Your baby is about 0.08 to 0.2 inches when you’re 6 weeks pregnant. It has a large head and dark spots which will become eyes and nostrils later. The arms and legs look like projecting buds, which are now more visible. The hands and feet look like paddles. The fingers are beginning to form at this stage.

Your baby’s heart starts to beat at a rate anywhere from 80 to 150 beats per minute, which is twice the rate of your heart beat. Digestive and respiratory systems begin to develop. The blood starts to circulate. Liver and kidney start to grow faster. Placenta also starts to develop faster.

At the time you’re 6 weeks pregnant, the middle line of your baby will have 40 blocks of tissue, which will form the conjunctive tissue, back muscles and ribs later. As the first muscle tissues are developed, your baby will start making its movement during sixth week of pregnancy. The movements are too small to be felt by the mom.

You may experience some unpleasant symptoms during sixth week of pregnancy. You may experience vaginal secretion, which is like a whitish yellow color and it may continue until you deliver your baby.

Nausea is the most common symptom experienced by many women when they're in pregnancy week 6. Morning sickness and upset stomach sensation are also common at the time you’re six weeks pregnant. If your symptoms become worse, you can get the help of your doctor, because too much vomiting may lead you to lose too much fluid, which is harmful to your baby.

Morning sickness may make you to lose weight. However, your waist size should be slightly increased at this time. It’s advisable you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes.Some expecting moms may experience heartburn, mood swings and anxiety.

As the food you take moves very slowly through the intestine and your uterus starts to constrict your stomach, you may get heartburn. Changes in hormones can likewise cause constipation.

Tips of Advice

Constipation when combined with heartburn can irritate you more, when you’re 6 weeks pregnant. Taking small, well balanced meals instead of bulky meals can help you ease this problem. Try to avoid fatty foods, and beware that keeping your stomach completely full or empty can cause or aggravate nausea, so you need to avoid it.

By the time you’re 6 weeks pregnant, if the vaginal secretion changes in smell or color, you need to seek the help of your doctor as fast as possible.

You may have the feeling to urinate frequently, so it’s better to wear comfortable clothes. Take sufficient rest and focus on the positive aspects. Your emotions can influence the baby, so you need to avoid stress and anxiety.

Possible Tests in Week 6

Rh factor test, blood sugar test, thyroid test and vaginal sonogram are possibly recommended during your sixth week in pregnancy. If you’re Rh negative, you need to have follow- up testing and treatment.

Blood sugar and thyroid tests help to determine whether blood sugar and thyroid levels are normal.

Vaginal sonogram helps to determine the cause of vaginal bleeding, check for cysts or ectopic pregnancy.

These tests are not painful. They are useful in preventing or reducing complications especially in pregnancy week 6.

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