5 Months Pregnant - Let's Examine What Happen About your BABY and You in Month 5.



For 5 months pregnant moms, most of the unpleasant symptoms are gone by this time; finding it easier to relax and enjoy the pregnancy glow with the belly looking really pregnant during the month.

Although the baby becomes more active inside the womb, pregnancy month five is described as calm and rewarding.

Fetal Growth in 5 Months Pregnant Moms

During pregnancy month 5, the baby’s brain develops faster than before and the sense of hearing becomes more acute to the extent the baby hears voices, as well as the mom’s heartbeat. The growing boy or girl is sensitive to light and can tell when the mom passes from a well-lit to a darker environment.

Fat accumulates more rapidly on the baby’s bones and real skin starts forming to serve as a kind of protective coat for the tiny body. Measuring between 7 and 9 inches and weighing around 1 pound, the baby’s body is now wrapped in a white, greasy substance called vernix caseosa, serving to protect the baby from infections.

In addition, the baby’s immune system gets stronger as it receives antibodies from the mother and by the end of week 20 hiccups and yawns become typical activities for the growing boy or girl.

In boys, testicles start to descend into the scrotum and in girls, the uterus is fully formed and the vagina starts developing. An ultrasound for any 5 months pregnant woman can precisely determine the baby’s sex.

Changes in 5 Months Pregnant Moms

Waist is thicker than before, nails are stronger and hair looks fuller due to an increased hormone production. Total weight gain reaches 10-14 pounds in pregnancy month five, so eating healthy foods and continuing a moderate exercise routine is recommended for preventing health issues linked with extra pounds or weight gain.

Abdominal and leg cramps, back aches, swollen ankles and calves as well as breathing difficulties are direct consequences of the increasing upper body weight. These symptoms can’t be avoided but can be alleviated with massages, naps and moderate physical activity.

Expecting Moms may also experience symptoms such as bloating, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, nasal congestion and headaches in pregnancy month five, as hunger pangs become more frequent.

As the pregnant mom’s heart pumps more blood, blood pressure increases and as such, dizziness may likely occur from time to time.

Also, would-be-moms may experience forgetfulness or absent-mindedness, forgetting things and not thinking as clearly as before. This symptom is called “the pregnancy brain” and it’s normal and not a thing to worry about!

While some moms find it difficult to have sex, in pregnancy month 5, due to their new body shape, others experience more intense sexual sensations and an increased libido. Linea nigra becomes more visible bellow the belly button and skin tags may likewise appear.

Coping Tips for 5 Months Pregnant Moms

Weight gain can become an issue for 5 months pregnant moms unless a balanced diet and an exercise routine are followed.

Fatty and fried foods, sweets and highly processed products should be avoided and replaced with cereals, fresh fruits, and vegetables, dairy products with moderate fat amounts, lean meat, eggs and fish.

To prevent iron deficiencies that can lead to premature birth, spinach, green veggies, wheat germs, oatmeal, red meat, dried fruits and dates should be consumed.

Also, for reducing muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness and insomnia, magnesium supplements or foods rich in this mineral should be included in a five months pregnant woman’s diet: brown rice, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, bananas, wheat germs, figs and Swiss chard inclusive.

For reducing stretch marks and maintaining the skin’s elasticity and health, high amounts of fluids – preferably water and herbal tea – should be consumed and moisturizing creams should be applied daily.

Possible Tests in Pregnancy Month 5

Besides the regular checkup for weight, blood pressure, sugar, proteins and bacteria, during the pregnancy month five, an ultrasound will most probably be scheduled as well. This will help to analyze the baby’s development, size, bone structure and heartbeats, revealing baby's gender at the same time.

A glucose tolerance test may also be recommended to eliminate the risk of gestational diabetes.

As the baby’s development is almost complete and the due date approaches, clarifying with the doctor all questions and fears related to birth, beginning Kegel exercises and choosing the birth method are important things to do when you’re 5 months pregnant.

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