4 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Pregnancy Week Four.



When you’re 4 weeks pregnant, you can confirm that you’re carrying a baby. You will miss your period in the pregnancy week four, marking the first month of pregnancy.

Once the egg meets with a sperm and fertilized, it divides into two halves. One half becomes the baby and the other half sticks to the uterine wall and become the placenta. Placenta is the life line for your baby stay in the womb, providing oxygen and nutrients to your developing baby.

When you’re 4 weeks pregnant, your developing embryo starts producing human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone that sends a signal to the ovary to stop releasing egg every month.

When you’re in pregnancy week 4, your baby is very small in size. It is only 0.04 inches in length at this stage. The embryo is divided into three layers, which will become organs and tissues later.

  • In the top or outer layer known as ectoderm, the neural tube or your baby’s nervous is developed. From the neural tube, brain, spinal cord nerves and backbone, as well as hair, skin and eyes will grow.
  • In the middle layer known as mesoderm, the circulatory system and heart start developing. This layer of cells serves as a foundation for your baby’s muscles, bones and reproductive system.
  • In the inner layer known as endoderm, your baby’s lungs and intestines or digestive system will develop. Primitive urinary system will also develop in the third layer.

When you’re 4 weeks pregnant, your baby’s primitive face will be formed with large dark circles for eyes. Blood cells will start taking shape. Mouth, throat and lower jaw will be developing.

The pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin produced by the growing embryo in pregnancy week 4, can be found in your urine and blood at this time. This is why you’ll be able to confirm that you’re four weeks pregnant by taking urine or blood pregnancy test. You may start experiencing any of the symptoms enumerated below:

  • Sore breasts
  • Nausea
  • Expanding waistline
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Urge to urinate frequently

The symptoms may be similar to premenstrual symptoms. Some women may get a metallic taste in their mouth. If you’re carrying twins or triplets, your symptoms may be intensified.

Tips of Advice

  • If you miss your period, you can confirm that you’re about 4 weeks pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test.
  • If you’re taking prescription or over the counter medications, you need to consult your physician and check whether it’s safe to continue or discontinue taking them.
  • You must have been taking folic acid pills already. Once you confirm that you’re pregnant, you need to increase the dose from 400 mg to 600 mg.
  • Since constipation is one of the common problems experienced by women who are four weeks pregnant, taking fresh fruits, vegetables and plenty of juices can help reduce this problem.
  • If you’re 4 weeks pregnant, you should avoid pregnancy risk factors such as drinking alcohol, smoking and being exposed to second hand smoking. You need to practice healthy lifestyles and habits, which include maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, stress-free working condition and pregnancy exercises.

The initial weeks are very important in your baby’s physical development. Hence, early prenatal care is extremely important. A medical visit is as well essential, if you have vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain as early symptoms of pregnancy.

Once you confirm your pregnancy with a positive home test, it’s advisable to go for a physical examination. This is especially important, if you have any medical conditions or had problems with previous pregnancy. Your healthcare provider can help you avoid many potential problems.

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