For 4 Months Pregnant Moms, the Cares, Concerns and Excitement



At 4 months pregnant, most of the unpleasant symptoms commonly experienced during the first trimester are almost gone and the mom feels more optimistic and positive.

She has more energy, no longer experience mood swings as often as before and may even start feeling the first moves and kicks of the baby inside the uterus.

It’s a good moment for choosing a name for the baby-to-be and getting more familiar with changes occurring in the second trimester.

Fetal Growth in 4 Months Pregnant Moms

The baby’s body is now covered with short and fine hairs called lanugo and his eyes have reached their normal position so his facial features can be clearly distinguished now.

Brows, lashes and eyelids are completely formed and the growing baby spends its time swallowing amniotic fluid, yawning and exercising its newly developed reflexes.

The baby’s heartbeat can be detected during Doppler tests, retina becomes sensitive to light and its ears begin to hear sounds outside the womb.

The baby’s bones continue to strengthen and lungs start maturing, preparing the future boy or girl for the first real breathing movements.

By the end of the 4 months of pregnancy, the fetus measures about 5.5 inches in crown-to-rump length and weighing between 5-6 ounces.

The placenta, which is now fully functional, nourishes and oxygenates the baby’s body and his or her reproductive system starts producing the first reproductive cells.

At four of pregnancy, the baby’s gender is already known so it’s time for the mom to start decorating her baby’s room and buying newborn clothes.

Changes in 4 Months Pregnant Moms

This is the month where moms usually start noticing changes in their skin’s pigmentation, face becoming blotchy and nipples getting darker.

The uterus is getting larger day after day as the baby gains weight and grows more rapidly. Also, breathing difficulties can be experienced due to the increasing pressure inside the abdominal and thoracic cavities.

Another symptom appearing at this 4th month of pregnancy is constipation, usually caused by hormonal fluctuations, but this can be overcome through an adequate diet, a proper water intake and moderate physical activity.

As the upper body becomes heavier, swelling in the legs and back pain are likely to appear as well.

The increasing blood supply makes the heart pump faster and requires an extra effort from the kidneys thus making urination more frequent.

Though the belly isn’t yet round and pregnant-looking, quite a number of women may feel frustrated or apprehended about changing appearance as they start feeling fat and frumpy.

To prevent depression and mood swings, wearing maternity clothes and letting others know about the growing baby are good strategies.

Coping Tips for 4 Months Pregnant Moms

A weight gain of one pound per week is perfectly normal for any 4 months pregnant woman, so instead of worrying about the chubbier silhouette, moms-to-be should think about their baby’s healthy development and need of nutrients.

Excess weight gain can be easily prevented through pregnancy exercises and a healthy diet, rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers and recommended amounts of carbohydrates and fats as well.

Possible Tests in Pregnancy Month Four

The monthly checkup consisting in blood and urine tests for checking proteins, sugar and bacteria, as well as measurements of the mom’s weight and blood pressure should be done whether disturbing symptoms are present or not.

Iron deficiency related problems are often present during four months of pregnancy. Your doctor may recommend adding some supplements to your daily diet.

A glucose screening for checking any possible risk of gestational diabetes as well as a blood test for hepatitis B are carried out in this month usually between week 16 and 18. An alpha-fetoprotein test (AFP) may likewise be performed to check for neural tube defects.

Some doctors advise 4 months pregnant moms to also take an Amniocentesis test, for genetic disorders detection.

Whatever tests or examination to be taken must be prescribed by your healthcare provider, depending on your peculiar conditions.

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