35 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into What You Need to Know and Expect in Week Thirty-five.



Many 35 weeks pregnant women feel really heavy at this stage, especially because the baby is fully grown with all its body organs well developed at pregnancy week 35.

As your baby continues to gain weight, you may possibly feel that you have little room to breathe and eat. Getting more information about your baby’s development and changes in your body can help you avoid unnecessary worries, while it’ll be beneficial for you to begin to prepare yourself by learning more about labor and delivery.

Your baby weighs above 5.5 pounds and measures about 20 inches long from head to toe at the time you are 35 weeks pregnant. Its elbow, hand and foot may protrude from your stomach, when it stretches and twists about.

Your baby starts to sport fingernails. It has now a fully developed pair of kidneys. Its liver has already started to process waste products, lungs are almost fully developed and its reflexes are coordinated, and your baby’s brain continues to develop and mature astronomically by the time you are thirty-five weeks pregnant.

Developing fat layers makes your baby’s body to grow round at this stage. Fat stores accumulate in the arms and legs and fat layers help the baby to regulate its body temperature.

The baby still does not have sufficient fat deposits under its skin to keep it warm outside your womb. Its sleeping cycle is regular now. Its hearing sense is fully developed now, capable of recognizing your voice. It’s as well possible for some babies to turn into head-down position from pregnancy week 35, in preparation for delivery.

When you’re 35 weeks pregnant, you feel your kicks in the ribs. As it stretches, you feel its head pushed against your cervix. Relaxin, a pregnancy hormone causes your joints to loosen up during this period, so you may sway as you walk. However, the hormone relaxes the joints for a good cause. This helps your pelvis to widen, which in turn allows for easy delivery eventually.

Your weight continues to increase at the time you are 35 weeks pregnant. Your belly button becomes bigger and popped outward. The pressure on your bladder makes you to urinate more frequently. Your bulging uterus is crowding other internal organs, so you may experience heart burn and other gastrointestinal problems.

Tips of Advice

At the time you’re 35 weeks pregnant, when you naturally get increased urge to urinate often. You should not drink less water to avoid this. Your baby needs adequate fluids. You can cut down coffee and tea. You can eat smaller meals frequently, as you may not be able to eat three bigger meals now.

Pregnancy week 35 is also a time to stock up some basic groceries and prepare a list of phone numbers that are important. If you plan things in advance and get labor and delivery requirements ready in good time, you can then relax while expecting your due time for labor and delivery.

Possible Test in Week 35

When you’re 35 weeks pregnant, your due date is fast approaching and you’ll need to visit your doctor once a week for check-up and monitoring as may be necessary from pregnancy week 35.

One of the possible tests and exams to be conducted in pregnancy week 35 is the vaginal culture to check for Group B streptococci bacteria at the time you are 35 weeks pregnant. Group B strep is a bacterium that be traced even in the vaginas of healthy women. It does not show any symptoms in carriers and so many women don’t know they are GBS positive.

A sizeable percentage of women are carriers of this bacterium and this type of bacterium is not harmful to them at all, but it can cause infections to the baby while passing through vagina during delivery.

The test is routinely performed between week 35 and 37 and will not be painful in any way – it’s just like a Pap smear, using vaginal and rectal swabs. Though this type of bacteria is not harmful in adults,. Hence, it should be prevented from passing to the baby.

If the test result shows that you have this bacterium, you’ll be given IV antibiotics during labor to prevent any risk of infection to your baby during vaginal delivery.

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