34 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into What You Need to Know and Expect in Week Thirty-four.



When you’re 34 weeks pregnant, you’ve barely a week left to move into the long awaited ninth month of your pregnancy journey. As your baby grows and its weight increases, you possibly feel fatigued. It’s the right time to start practising pain relieving tips and some relaxation exercises.

Normally, babies born between 34 and 37 weeks are healthy, so a risk of preterm labor should not be a cause for worry. However, if you have concerns about preterm labor, you can get advice from your healthcare provider.

By the time you’re 34 weeks pregnant, your baby should measure almost 20 inches in length and weigh about 5 pounds.

Your baby makes a lot of movements this week. Its eyes are open, when awake and close when it’s sleeping. Your baby’s sleeping cycle is similar to that of a newborn. Its memory is developing and it’s starting to recognize familiar sounds from the outside world. It feels comfortable when it hears your voice, so be sure that you and your partner keep talking to your baby.

Your baby learns to blink by the time you’re in pregnancy week 34. Its fingernails have reached the tip of the fingers. It may even scratch its face with nails before its birth. The central nervous system of your baby is still growing, and the digestive enzymes start working by pregnancy week 34.

In addition, your baby’s lungs are almost ready to breathe air. Your baby continues to add fat to fill its wrinkly skin, even through to the delivery day. If you’re having a baby boy, the testicles usually travel down from his abdomen to their position in the scrotum this week. Some babies have been observed to start turning down the cervix, into position for delivery.

Many pregnant moms find the last few weeks uncomfortable and tiresome. At the time you’re 34 weeks pregnant, you need to start taking sufficient rest and save your energy for the delivery. You may notice your feet and ankles are swollen, especially at nights. You get clear or white discharge during this time. If the discharge becomes thicker and yellowish, which may be a symptom of thrush – a treatable condition, you need to visit your doctor.

Your vision seems less sharp at the time you’re 34 weeks pregnant. There may even be a reduction in tear production, which may leave your eyes dry and irritated. These vision changes are temporary and they wane after a few days. As well, you may experience a sensation or feeling of numbness in the pelvic area.

You may feel pain while walking. This may be due to loosening of pelvic joint, which is an indication that your body is getting ready for labor and delivery.

Tips of Advice

Tiredness and discomforts are common in pregnancy week 34. However, if you feel extremely uncomfortable, you can consult with your healthcare provider. You can gain up to one pound weight a week from the 34th week of pregnancy, so you need not worry about weight gain at this stage. Drinking plenty of water and elevating your feet as much as possible can help you get relief from swelling.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby when you’re 34 weeks pregnant is to try some light exercises, or continue your routine exercises.

Mild exercises can make you feel strong and provide you with great stamina thereby preparing you for easy labour. It’s a matter of fact that pregnant women who exercise find it easy to come back in shape after their babies are born.

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