32 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into What You Need to Know and Expect in Week Thirty-two.



When you’re 32 weeks pregnant, you are gradually inching towards the most exciting day of your life. In spite of the apprehensions and physical discomfort, you are excited planning for the arrival of your little one and at the same time, your baby is busy preparing for checkout.

Your baby is now weighing almost 4 pounds and measuring 19 inches in head to toe length. You must have experienced a rapid weight gain in the past few weeks. This is because of the increased muscles and fat accumulation in your baby.

Now your little one can move its head side to side and practically fills up the entire uterus. This is one of the reasons why its movement gradually decreases. When you’re 32 weeks pregnant, there is maximum amount of amniotic fluid in your belly.

Your baby’s finger nails now reach up to its fingertips. Movements become smoother as there is a marked improvement in your baby’s muscle tons.

A typical 32 weeks pregnant mom must be wobbling by now as her hip joints soften in reaction to the increased presence of relaxin, a pregnancy hormone. Your movements are now restricted and your posture is thrown off by the large uterus. There is nothing to worry about as it shall also pass away.

You must also be longing for a refreshing night’s rest as you find it increasingly challenging to find a comfortable sleep position. Most women find it most comfortable to sleep on their side this period, whichever position you find comfortable is okay.

Most of the times, you may be pretty exhausted suffering from the third trimester aches and pains. Fatigue is one of the most peculiar symptoms of pregnancy to 32 week pregnant moms. Fatigue is due to increased weight and rise in the level of the hormone progesterone. You can manage fatigue by taking frequent naps through the day.

In the final trimester, physical changes and hormones also cause back pain. It can help if you use cold or hot compress on the painful area.

Insomnia is another inconvenience you will experience when you’re in pregnancy week 32 and frequent urination is a major contributing factor. Although your continuously growing uterus tends to press against your urinary bladder and make you urinate often, it’s recommended not to stop drinking water as it’s important to keep your body well hydrated.

At 32 weeks, you may feel occasional or frequent racing of heart. Known as heart palpitations, this is a common symptom that occurs due to hormonal changes, stress and blood volume increase. Unless accompanied by shortness of breath or chest pain, there is nothing to be worried about heart palpitations.

Possible Test in Week 32.

When you’re 32 weeks pregnant, the NST or non-stress test can be possibly carried out as a routine. This test is done to check your little one’s baseline heart rate and changes in the rate due to movement. This test indicates the overall health condition of your baby.

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