30 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into What to Expect of your Baby and YOU in Week Thirty.



Now you’re 30 weeks pregnant, the D-day is fast approaching and you seem to be apprehensive, wondering and asking questions. How is your baby growing? What physical, emotional and lifestyle changes should you expect this week? Relax and keep your calm!

Remember, all things will work together for the good of both you and your baby. This is the best of our wishes for you, and every expecting mom that is part of the PregnancyMama community.

At pregnancy week 30, your baby weighs 3 pounds or more and measures 17 inches long head to toe; getting bigger by the day. It is surrounded now by a certain amount of amniotic fluid which starts decreasing as it grows bigger. Your little one’s eyesight continues to develop along with its fast growing brain.

In fact your baby’s brain starts looking real, at the beginning of pregnancy week 30, all with the wrinkles and grooves. Its brain starts functioning and taking over responsibilities such as temperature regulation and your baby will now start shedding the downy body hair called lanugo, which helps to regulate its temperature in previous weeks.

When you’re 30 weeks pregnant, you may have trouble sleeping and may often feel exhausted and tired. There is a significant shift in your center of gravity due to your huge and heavy belly and this will make you feel clumsier than usual.

You may also feel off balance due to loosening of ligaments in the joints caused by hormonal changes. All these discomforts may lead to emotional upheavals. You may also start developing anxiety about the impeding labor. If you’re unable to control your apprehension or fears, you can talk it out with your midwife or doctor.

Common Fears towards the end of Pregnancy

Handling labor pain and rigors is one of the most common fears pregnant women battle with. Most of them opt for pain relieving medications or even epidural. There are some who believe in going organic or giving birth naturally without drugs.

They learn pain relieving techniques and accept the fact that they cannot avoid discomfort and pain. You can certainly be empowered by the feeling of deep satisfaction if you try and go through natural childbirth.

Having to go through a c-section is another common fear at this time particularly as you have estimated 10 weeks ahead. If your mind is set on a normal birth, having a c-section may be very disappointing.


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When you’re 30 weeks pregnant, you can divert your mind from unnecessary fears by shopping for and assembling baby gear. Take your partner along and shop for nice strollers, bassinets and cribs. If you’re purchasing monitors, mobiles and swings, ensure that you have enough battery on hand.

In pregnancy week 30, the best form of exercise is walking and swimming. Pre and postnatal classes are held by many dance studios and community centers. You will enjoy exercising and will also feel energized meeting other expecting moms.

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