3 Months Pregnant Moms are 1st Trimester Finalists, Let’s Look at their Transition.



Most 3 months pregnant moms’ bellies pop-out as the uterus expands in order to accommodate the fast growing baby. Although most of the symptoms present in the 2nd month of pregnancy are still present, the most vulnerable period is about to end with the risk of miscarriage decreasing considerably after the first trimester.

Fetal Growth In 3 Months Pregnant Moms.

During this month, the baby’s face is completely formed and teeth buds appear. The baby’s fingers and toes have tiny nails and genitals start developing, although the baby’s gender can’t be told yet. As the brain and nerves begin to function, the growing baby develops its first reflexes and starts moving.

Measuring between 3-4 inches and weighing about an ounce, the baby starts practicing how to swallow, with the amniotic fluid.

Likewise, the urinary system begins to produce waste products which are neutralized by the placenta, which is responsible for maintaining the intrauterine environment; keeping it completely sterile, delivering nutrients, oxygen and antibodies to the growing baby.

Importantly, the baby’s head is still larger than the body at this time, ears continue developing and eyes move closer together.

The growing baby looks more humanly in month 3 of pregnancy than previous months. Also, its cartilage bones are getting stronger week by week so it’s time for the pregnant mom to adjust her diet and include some calcium supplements.

Changes for Three Months Pregnant Moms.

As hormonal fluctuations stop, mood swings and irritability are not so frequent anymore and by the end of this month, most pregnant moms feel less tired.

However, headaches, nausea and dizziness are still common symptoms including increased vaginal discharge, excessive salivation, frequent urination, heartburn and bloating.

Food cravings get more accentuated while the breasts enlarge and even become more sensitive.

Quite a number of moms have reported sleeping problems this month and due to the growing weight of their upper body, ache in back and legs are also likely to occur.

By the end of this month, the blood supply inside the mom’s body increases and high blood pressure is likely to be experienced by some moms.

The woman’s sex drive usually gets back to normal as she approaches the second trimester due to the blood engorgement in the genitals and increased hormonal balance.

When a woman is 3 months pregnant, the uterus has the size of a softball and can be easily felt above the pubic bone, even though the weight gain is not yet noticeable, the pregnant mom may feel like buying her first maternity clothes.

Tips for Coping with Month 3 Symptoms

Stress and anxiety appearing in at pregnancy month 3 can be overcome through physical exercises and relaxing activities such as walking, reading about the baby’s development or simply chatting with friends on non-baby related topics. Buying the first diapers and bottles is a nice way of keeping anxiety related to miscarriage under control.

As most women develop stretch marks on breasts, abdomen and hips when 3 months pregnant, some moisturizing creams and oils as well as gentle weekly massages may help minimize them. For coping with gums bleeding, flossing and brushing regularly with toothpaste for sensitive teeth may help.

Adding fibers to your diet during this last month of the first trimester could help in preventing constipation, improving bowel movements and keeping weight gain under control as they induce the sensation of fullness, reducing food cravings and normalizing appetite.

Common Tests for 3 Months Pregnant Moms

As the baby continues growing, monthly checkups on fetal weight, size and overall development should be taken. Also, the weight gain of would-be-mom should be checked monthly, and the normal weight gain during month 3 of pregnancy ranges between 1 and 5 pounds.

Taking a Doppler or Ultrasound for confirming the baby’s heartbeat and a CVS (chorionic villus sampling) screening test for detecting potential chromosomal abnormalities is a must for 3 months pregnant moms.

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