29 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into Everything you Need to Know about Week Twenty-nine.



29 weeks pregnant and moving farther into the third trimester of your pregnancy, you need to visit your healthcare provider on a regular basis and continue to take healthy, well balanced diet.

As your baby continues to grow and mature, you may experience some pains and discomforts during this period. Learning what to expect, what’s normal and what calls for concerns during this week can help boost your confidence and greatly reduce your anxiety.

Your baby weighs nearly 3 pounds in pregnancy week 29 and measures about 16.5 inches long from head to toe; much of the fetal weight gain in this period comes from fat accumulation under his or her skin.

Its lungs and muscles continue to develop and mature. Its head is growing bigger and it’s very active now. Its brain is busy developing billions of neurons. Your baby is more sensitive to taste, smell and sounds. It’s kicking, jabbing, poking movements and general activity become more frequent and strong in pregnancy week 29.

Your baby’s bones are fully formed, but they are soft and flexible. It begins to store minerals like iron, calcium and phosphorous while its fat layers continue to form. When you’re 29 weeks pregnant, your baby may start producing hormones. It starts to hear things better than the previous weeks. It can even recognize you and your partner’s voice.

As your uterus continues to grow, you possibly experience various aches and pains by the time you’re 29 weeks pregnant. Your baby uses much of the nutrients you consume; consequently you may feel hungry more frequently. Dry skin is experienced by many expecting moms during this period. Mood swings, fatigue, absentmindedness, mild swelling of feet and ankles and body pain are some other common symptoms you may experience during this period.

Pregnancy hormone relaxes muscle tissues throughout your body to prepare it for delivery. This relaxation along with the increasing size of uterus crowding in abdomen slows down your digestion process. This in turn causes heart burn, constipation and gas.

At the time you’re twenty-nine weeks pregnant, you may experience shortness of breath, hemorrhoids, itchy skin and leg cramps. You may notice that your breasts are leaking colostrums. This is because of the prolactin produced by your body in preparation for eventual breastfeed production after delivery.

Tips of Advice

You can reduce the discomforts you experience at this time you’re 29 weeks pregnant by following some simple measures. Taking warm bath can help you get relief from back pain. You can avoid constipation by taking a high fiber diet and drinking plenty of water. Doing some exercises like walking can help alleviate aches and pains.

Some expecting moms may suffer from supine hypotensive syndrome during this period. This syndrome occurs, if you lie flat on your back. It changes your heart rate and blood pressure making you to feel lightheaded. You can avoid this problem by lying on your sides.

Your appetite level increases, as your pregnancy progresses. However, you should make your food choices carefully. You may be tempted to fill up on fried foods, cakes, cookies and fast foods. Nevertheless, taking more fruits and vegetables is good for you and your baby.

Possible Test in Pregnancy Week 29

Your healthcare provider may recommend you to have blood test to check the iron level by the time you’re 29 weeks pregnant. Iron is crucial as it replenishes the red blood cell supply.

Your baby starts to create more blood flow for its use, so you need to take food rich in iron to accommodate the needs created by increased blood volume. If your iron level is low, iron supplement may be prescribed for you. We wish every experience you have turns for your good.

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