28 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into What to Expect in Pregnancy Week Twenty-eight.



At the time you’re 28 weeks pregnant, your little fetus looks like a baby. You may start to experience more discomforts. From this week onwards, you may need to see your healthcare provider once in every two weeks. You need to go through some routine tests and procedures to ensure you and your baby’s health are on positive track.

In pregnancy week 28, your baby weighs between 2 to 3 pounds and measures about 15.5 inches long from head to toe. It starts sleeping and waking at regular intervals. Its brain tissues continue to develop during this period. It may even begin to dream. It opens and closes its eyes. It has about 2 to 3 percent and looks flabbier.

Your baby’s lungs are still developing, but they are capable of breathing in the event of preterm labor. As it continues to grow, it runs out of room. Hence, it twists, turns and kicks more frequently by the time you’re 28 weeks pregnant.

Your baby has hair on its head now and its feet are just more than 2 inches long. Its milk teeth have developed under the gums. Its finger nails are growing. Your baby is able to hear now, and recognize your voice, so you can sing some song and converse with him or her in the inner sanctum of your uterine temple.

In pregnancy week 28, you should expectedly weigh between 17 to 22 pounds more than your pre-pregnancy weight. Your uterus continues to grow by the time you’re twenty-eight weeks pregnant. You may feel back pain, leg cramps, heartburn, itchy stomach, hemorrhoid and swelling. Your metabolic rate increases by this time, so you constantly feel hot.

Some women may get an unpleasant sensation in their lower legs. Some may get mild swelling in the feet, ankle and hands. This is because of the fluids build-up in your body tissues.

As your uterus applies pressure to colon, constipation may become frequent. Frequent urination, difficulty in sleeping and Braxton Hicks contractions are some of the common symptoms experienced by many pregnant women during this period. Your baby moves around, so you feel kicks and punches more frequently.

Tips of Advice

When you’re in pregnancy week 28, you need to frequent your visits to your healthcare provider. Your growing uterus increases the pressure on your internal organs. Hence, you may not be able to eat bigger meals. Instead of taking three bigger meals, you can take six small meals.

If you experience restless legs syndrome, your doctor may prescribe you to take blood test. Restless legs may be linked to iron deficiency anemia. You may be recommended to take foods rich in iron and iron supplements. Practicing some relaxation techniques may also help you get relief.

Possible Tests and Exams

By the time you’re 28 weeks pregnant, your healthcare provider is more likely to check your weight, urine, blood pressure, your baby’s heartbeat and uterus size as a routine. The Doppler’s ultrasound test helps you to hear your baby’s heartbeat.

Around this time, your healthcare giver may check your Rh (Rhesus factor). If you’re Rh negative and your partner is Rh negative, complications may arise. To prevent this, the Rh-immune globin is usually administered in pregnancy week 28.

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