26 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into Everything you Need to Know about Week Twenty-six.



At 26 weeks pregnant, your tummy gets bigger and your baby’s activities and movements increase. Yes, there’s that tendency to be thinking more about your baby who is rapidly adding fat and consequently putting on more weight.

It’s important for you to know that the second trimester ends with pregnancy week 26, and you’ll be putting two-thirds of your estimated pregnancy time frame behind you. Let’s look into what this milestone of the week-by-week calendar holds for you and your maturing baby.

Your baby weighs almost 2 pounds and measures over 9 inches crown-to-rump length. The most important development in this week is that your baby opens its eyelids for the first time.

The eyelids that cover the eyes have been fused since its full development around week 11 and 12, begin to open this week. They are almost always dark or blue at this time, and its eyes final color become visible few weeks after childbirth.

However, your baby is now able to see, even though still in the dark amniotic confines of your womb. The network of nerves in your baby’s eyes is complete and is more sensitive at the time you’re 26 weeks pregnant.

Your baby may be able to hear your voice. Its brain is more developed and refined now. It’s inhaling and exhaling very few amounts of amniotic fluid; a good practice that helps in its lung development.

Your baby continues to put on fat. It practices all types of movements by the time in pregnancy week 26. Its nervous system becomes more sophisticated, so the movements become more coordinated. Your baby’s hands are active at this time.

It can even put its thumb into the mouth. Thumb sucking can help the baby feel comfortable and strengthen its cheek and jaw muscles.If your baby is a boy, its testicles are starting to descend into scrotum by the time you’re 26 weeks pregnant.

When you’re twenty-six weeks pregnant, you may experience some physical discomforts. As you get bigger, back pain and pelvis pressure are some of the frequent discomforts experienced by many pregnant women at this time.

You carry the extra weight, so there is more work for your muscles and more stress on your joints. Walking, standing or sitting for longer hours cam increase the strain on your back.

By the time 26 weeks pregnant, you may get a feeling that your tummy tightens and relaxes. These are known as Braxton Hicks contractions. They do not cause any pain. In fact, they help the uterus to get ready for the childbirth.

You may experience shortness of breath in pregnancy week 26 as well. This is because the uterus is close to the rib cage at this time. As your expanding uterus continues to put more pressure on your internal organs, bloating and indigestion are likely symptoms that result.

Some women may get lower abdominal aches. Jittery, restless legs, leg cramps and headaches are also common during this period.

Tips of Advice

Your baby is growing fast and its brain development is more intense at the time you’re 26 weeks pregnant. Hence, you need to take nutritious foods. Take plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber rich foods like whole grain breads, brown rice and lentils. These foods not only aid healthy fetal development, but also help you get relief from constipation and some other pregnancy discomforts.

You can start making a delivery plan when at 26 weeks of pregnancy. Avoiding fatty foods can help you reduce stomach discomforts. Ensure that you sit and stand in a correct posture, so that you can avoid putting pressure on your spine.

Pregnancy hormones may decrease tear production in your eyes. This may lead to dry eyes. Your healthcare provider will prescribe you some eye drops to alleviate this problem if it becomes severe.

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