25 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into What to Expect in Pregnancy Week Twenty-five.



For most 25 weeks pregnant women, it’s a typical time the biggest enthusiasm develops especially as you observe an astonishing change in yourself as well as in your baby. The second trimester is almost over by pregnancy week 25. Our key advice is that you take good care of yourself to the benefit of your baby’s health.

There’s no gainsaying the fact that pregnancy journey for every woman is both exciting and challenging. Though the count of excitement begins from the very first week, you’ve an estimated nine months to pay the dues and even fantasize about your baby.

When you’re 25 weeks pregnant, your baby grows to about 9 inches in crown-to-rump length. The baby is likely to gain more weight and is very plump during this week weighing anywhere around 1.5 pounds.

The physical proportions of your baby are pretty much ready in pregnancy week 25. It’s nervous and respiratory system develops a lot during this week.

Your baby’s nostrils begin to open-up this week, enabling the baby to start breathing in a fetal manner. The lungs mature as well and begins to produce surfactant; a substance that prepares the lungs to expand and function after childbirth.

Please note that pregnancy week twenty-five is too early for a baby to be born, but if a child were to be born premature at any time after this week, its chances of survival is high.

Coming to common symptoms this week, you can’t rule-out the possibility of severe or minor back pains due to increased weight and abdominal itching. But, there is no point of worrying about these symptoms.

Mild hot baths are the easiest way to eliminate pains and get rejuvenated while wearing smooth material dresses, bathing and rubbing cream, lotion or talcum powder have proven to help sooth and alleviate itching.

Instead of drowning in anxiety, you must enjoy the time you’re 25 weeks pregnant and pamper yourself with spas and massages. It’ll provide you with the much needed relief from aches and pains that are peculiar to pregnancy week twenty-five.

Unlike pre-pregnancy time, you may now find it difficult moving around gracefully. It’s a crucial period when you have to just let go and enjoy a growing bond with your little one. Take a lot of rest and read motivational literatures.

Some basic exercises can be done even when you’re 25 weeks pregnant but only under professional supervision. These exercises may lower the risk of intolerable labor pains ahead.

Possible Tests in Pregnancy Week 25

When you’re twenty-five weeks pregnant, it’s usually important to undergo a minor blood test which will provide the benefit of detecting any possible mineral deficiency or not. Pregnancy increases the need for nutrients and minerals in every woman’s body.

For many reasons, quite a number of women find it difficult to meet the nutritional demands of pregnancy. If you have such deficiency, there’s no cause for panic as your healthcare provider will prescribe you necessary supplements.

Being twenty-five weeks pregnant by itself is a great milestone. Enjoy the fun and look forward eagerly to the big D-day with every confidence you can muster!

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