24 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Week Twenty-four.



Now you’re 24 Weeks Pregnant and full of excitement, you’ll begin to see the practical reality that pregnancy is one of the most exciting and wonderful event in the experience of womanhood.

Babies are the most adorable and innocent creation in the world and no wonder every expecting woman experiences unusually great happiness and joy despite the hurdles of pregnancy. We know you’ll likely be full of anticipations of what the “big day” holds, when you will cross the rubicon of delivery.

When you’re 24 weeks pregnant, you’ll be able to experience the steady growth of your baby. Your baby starts developing his body consistently and starts becoming plump and rounded.

Its lungs have started developing branches in pregnancy week 24. The skin is still thin and too luminous. Your little one also develops ears, fingernails and is still breathing in the immersed amniotic fluid.

Your baby is now about 8.5 inches crown-to-rump long, weighing a little over 1 pound gaining approximately 6 ounces weekly. Its face is almost complete with the eye lashes meticulously developed, though the eyes are still closed.

Hair has started growing on the scalp. Features of the baby that develops when you’re 24 weeks pregnant look exactly the same as what it is at the time of birth.

In the same vein, your body is also undergoing certain noticeable changes when you are twenty-four weeks pregnant. The top of the uterus has grown well above the belly button. In fact, your uterus is now almost 1.5 to 2 inches above your belly button. Your baby bump is almost like a fully aired balloon.

Tips of Advice

When a mom is 24 weeks pregnant, she is able to feel her baby’s movements. You’ll find your little one kicking and turning. At this stage, it’s important to remain calm and composed and take good care of your precious baby by following a balanced diet and exercising moderately.

You may gain weight at this time and may suffer from sore feet. Some of the commonly experienced symptoms in pregnancy week 24 include fatigue, backaches and bladder issues. Remember however that these are absolutely normal and there’s no cause for panicking. If the symptoms become severe and unbearable, you can talk to your healthcare provider for necessary help to alleviate the pain.

For example, you can obtain great relief from back aches and cramps in your feet with the help of cold and hot compress. Just listen to your body signals and always give a serious thought to your body nourishment as it will indirectly help nourish your baby.

You are now crossed the mid-point of your pregnancy and before you know it you will be on the labor bed; pushing and eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of your precious baby.

Swimming is an excellent option. Water makes your body feel light and you will be greatly relieved of back and leg pain when you are in the pool. Also continue walking for at least half an hour every day.

To make the process of labor easier, you can continue doing mild exercises and taking childbirth classes to build-up your confidence. Remember to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and shoes.

Possible Tests in Week 24

For expecting moms with a high risk of preterm labor, Fetal fibronectin ( fFN) test may yet be recommended in pregnancy week 24. Ideally Fetal fibronectin is not normally present after pregnancy week twenty- two until after week 38.

When Fetal fibronectin is detected in cervical or vaginal secretion after week 22, it’s a clear indicator of increased risks for preterm delivery. This test that’s performed like a Pap smear can be carried out this week in further diagnosis and screening for increased risk of preterm childbirth.

Again, being 24 weeks pregnant is a milestone. You’re getting closer to the big day. Savour every moment and enjoy your pregnancy journey till the end.

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