23 Weeks Pregnant – Let’s Look into Everything you Need to Expect in Week Twenty -Three.



When you’re 23 weeks pregnant, you must be experiencing various emotional and physical symptoms that include anxiety about labor in your fast-approaching BIG day, irritability due to physical symptoms such as weight gain, itching skin, indigestion, back pain, muscle cramps and such-like. The good news is that you’ll overcome it all.

Let’s talk about your baby first. Your baby is now more active, quieter during the day and energetic at night. Though not fully mature, it continues to grow and develop though all internal organs are fully formed at this time. Apart from sharpening of hearing, the baby’s vestibular system matures.

Weighing over a pound and almost 8 inches crown-to-rump long, your baby is also preparing to breathe by developing blood vessels in the lungs, beginning to get plumper and fat, while its pancreas develops as well to regulate insulin levels more effectively.

Ask a typical mom who is 23 weeks pregnant and she will tell you how her baby is an amateur boxer now constantly jabbing, punching and kicking.

In the coming weeks, your feet and ankles may start swelling especially in summers and during the end of the day. Combined with blood chemistry changes, reduced circulation in the legs may also lead to edema, a condition that refers to the retention of water that cause a swelling.

If you suffer from this condition when you’re 23 weeks pregnant, keep your feet up and lie to your left. Avoid standing or sitting in a place for long and if you must sit, stretch out your legs. Enhanced circulation can be achieved through regular exercise as well. Finally, remember to put on comfortable shoes and support stockings.

Drinking a lot of fluids help reduce fluid retention and keep you hydrated. Edema to a certain extent is nothing to be concerned about during pregnancy.

If however, you find excessive swelling in your feet and puffiness around your eyes, such may point to preeclampsia, which is a serious condition and you will have to contact your healthcare provider.

Exercise Regularly in Week 23

Nothing can replace regular exercise to manage emotional and physical pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy tends to result in hormonal changes that occur through pregnancy; heighten your emotions and places quite many would-be-moms on a roller-coaster trip especially in pregnancy week 23.

One minute you may be having an anxiety attack in the depth of depression and the other minute full of elation and happiness. Combined with backache, these mood swings may culminate into insomnia.

There’s little you can do about such moodiness however you can talk with your partner especially and accept the fact that being emotional moody and swinging is part of the pregnancy realities.

You may find your energy fast ebbing when you’re twenty-three weeks pregnant but continue with your bouts of exercise as this will certainly help you manage your days. Even if you have never ever exercised in your life, you can join a pregnancy exercise program or exercise at home.

Always remember that all these discomforts are temporary and very soon, sooner than you think, you’ll be holding your bundle of joy in your hands, tears of happiness flowing.

Possible test and physical exam

When you’re 23 weeks pregnant, your doctor will routinely schedule an internal exam. This exam is done to eliminate the risk of preterm labor, among others.

You may also be asked to do a GCT or glucose screening test anytime between 23 and 28 weeks, particularly those presumed to be at higher risk for gestational diabetes such as aged or obese moms, those with family or pregnancy history of diabetes. This test is done to diagnose and rule out a high blood sugar condition or gestational diabetes related to pregnancy.

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