22 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Week Twenty-two.



Now 22 Weeks Pregnant and you’re excited. How is your baby growing and developing? What physical, emotional and lifestyle changes should you expect? The answers are not far-fetched, read on and relax, everything promises to be in your favor. It’s fun being pregnant in week 22.

In pregnancy week 22, your baby is expected to measure over 7.5 inches in crown-to-rump length and at least 12 ounces heavy. Transparency of skin reduces with passage of weeks even as fat continues depositing under its skin. Fat cells are necessary for the development and enhanced functioning of your little one’s nerve and brain.

As you’re 22 weeks pregnant and your baby’s facial features are now becoming distinct. The eyebrows, eyelids and lips can be distinguished while the nose is yet to be completely formed.

When you’re twenty-two weeks pregnant, a downy, fine and soft hair called lanugo covers its body. It’s believed that the lanugo helps keep the baby at the right temperature, and in turn helps hold down vernix caseosa, a creamy white substance on the baby’s skin. Your baby skin is prevented from becoming too wrinkled in the womb due to the surrounding amniotic fluid with the help of the vernix.

Your baby’s bone marrow now is present in all the bones and has started producing red blood cells. Finger nails are visible and able to grab anything inside the womb. 

Changes in Mom at 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

You will find a shift in the center of gravity this week as your belly continues to grow. By now, your uterus is at least 0.8 inch, a couple of centimeters, above the belly button.

Any 22 weeks pregnant woman may likely have gastrointestinal issues such as heartburn. The best way to handle this is to eat smaller meals frequently. Eat your meals slowly chewing your food well to make digestion easier.

Virtually all expecting women who are twenty-two weeks pregnant have round bellies. While this change is accepted by many, some women react negatively to this change.

Your complexion will glow and this will entice people to rub your belly. If you are not comfortable with this, just tell them politely. Your cheeks will be flushed and your face fuller due to increased blood volume circulation. This leads to what is commonly referred as the pregnancy glow.

Tips of Advice

Some women who are 22 weeks pregnant may suffer from skin problems such as acne, dry skin or oily skin.

If you’re a would-be-mom suffering from oily, greasy skin and acne breakouts, dermatologists suggest that you frequently wash your face through the day with a mild cleanser and use make-up that does not contain oil.

If, on the other hand, you suffer from dry skin related issues, you must keep your skin moisturized.

Some expectant moms feel they have lost their marbles when they are 22 weeks pregnant. They tend to get forgetful; missing tasks and appointments. Some find themselves unable to locate even common items around.

This may be due to hormonal changes and usually disappears in a few weeks. You can note down dates and appointments or set a phone alert to ensure you do not miss out anything important.

Possible Tests and Exams at 22 Weeks

Good news! A reliable test is now available to determine the risk of preterm labor. This is called Fetal fibronectin ( fFN) test. This proven method of diagnosing the risk of preterm labor is by examining cervical or vaginal secretions for the substance known as fetal fibronectin.

This proteinous substance can also be found in the amniotic sac and fetal membranes, but only in pregnancy week 22 or until after week 38. That’s why this week twenty-two is ideal for carrying-out fFN test for those suspected to be in high risk of preterm labor. This non-invasive fFN test involves collection of a swab of vaginal secretion from the cervical area of your vagina, for testing in the lab.

It’s been proven by studies that women who are tested positive of fFN are susceptible to go into preterm labor within 1-2 weeks of the test. When fFN is detected, your healthcare provider will give you prescriptions to reduce your chances of preterm labor. To rule out any possible risk of preterm labor, the fFN diagnostic test may sometimes be combined with transvaginal scan.

Cervical examination is also commonly conducted when you’re 22 weeks pregnant. It’s a screening test carried-out especially through ultrasound to examine and measure your cervical length. If any cervical shortening or opening is observed, your healthcare provider will take necessary steps to help you prevent early labor.

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