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Most 2 months pregnant women start experiencing morning sickness and fatigue, as a result of hormonal changes taking place inside the body, while the baby continues its alert development.

Fetal development in Pregnancy Month Two

The baby is approximately 1 inch (2-3 cm) long in month 2 of pregnancy and weighs about 4 grams.

Its head, arms and legs begin to develop and the baby’s skin is quite translucent, with blood vessels clearly visible throughout its growing body.

Eyes and eyelids start to form, the folds of the ears become visible and a tiny nose and mouth appear, by the end of the month the baby’s facial features are being easily distinguished.

Its heart has two chambers now and starts pumping blood coming from the mother’s body, with a speed of about 150 beats per minute.

The brain grows rapidly, medullar tissue starts developing and muscle fibers start covering the baby’s tiny bones in order to offer support and protect the developing embryo during his intrauterine journey.

This month’s end marks the transformation of the growing baby from “embryo” into “fetus”.

Expected Changes in Pregnancy Months Two

All Moms experience a variety of emotional and physical symptoms in pregnancy month 2, from nausea and vomiting sensations early in the morning to sudden mood changes, aversion towards certain foods, bloating and digestive distress.

As the metabolic system slows down in order to allow more nutrients to be transferred to the baby via blood, fatigue and irritability become common daily symptoms.

Common symptoms most women experience during month two of pregnancy include heartburn, constipation or food cravings, sleeplessness, more frequent urination and excessive saliva production, these physical changes make weeks 4-8 extremely uncomfortable.

Increased vaginal discharge, dizziness, recurrent headaches, thirst and sore, enlarging breasts are peculiar symptoms when a woman is 2 months pregnant.

The growing uterus is still hiding behind the pubic bones but even if pregnancy is not yet visible, the would-be-mom should start adjusting her lifestyle and eating habits as the baby is very sensitive and exposed to potentially harmful agents.

Tips for Coping with Symptoms in Month Two

As said earlier, eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial when you’re 2 months pregnant as the baby’s forming organs can be affected by intense physical workouts, weight gain, alcohol consumption, tobacco and excessive caffeine intake.

To avoid miscarriage, it’s advised no pregnant woman should take herbal supplements, OTCs or prescription drugs without first consulting your healthcare provider.

In addition, you should think of adding some prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements to your daily menu. These play a very important role in supporting and caring for the growing baby, whose developing brain and heart in pregnancy month 2 can be seriously affected by the lack of nutrients.

Mood swings, irritability and stress can be kept under control through an active lifestyle including specific prenatal workouts, through relaxing baths and massages, walking and other activities you consider enjoyable.

As for the diet, fresh fruits and veggies as well as foods rich in fibers and good fats should be part of a 2 months pregnant woman’s menu.

Common Tests Taken by 2 Months Pregnant Moms

The would-be-mom should have taken her first pregnancy test by now. Additional exams often recommended at this month of pregnancy include:

  • Urine and blood tests for checking sugar, protein and antibodies levels, hemoglobin values and blood RH type.
  • Exams to test the presence of certain bacteria such as Chlamydia, and specific tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
  • An ultrasound for checking the baby’s state.
  • Blood pressure and weight measurements once a month, from pregnancy month two to nine.

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