19 Weeks Pregnant – Things You Need to Know and Expect about Pregnancy in Week Nineteen.



When you’re 19 weeks pregnant, you may find yourself curious; looking out for pregnancy magazines with belly pictures, even photos of celebrities who are pregnant. Yes, it’s true. Remember that you’re not alone.

When you see your belly grow at a rapid pace and measure your weight gain, your total weight gain should average at 5 kg. In pregnancy week 19, your baby is about 6 inches long from crown to feet, and weighs about 7 ounces or half a pound.

Your baby’s skin is now covered with a greasy white protective substance called vernix caseosa. This substance helps protect its skin from the amniotic fluid, preserving the smoothness of your baby’s sensitive.

This protective coating is usually shed in build-up to delivery or during childbirth. Though the skin is transparent, it appears red due to the visible blood vessels.

Muscle cramps are very debilitating in pregnancy week 19. As you lie peacefully in bed sleeping, you may suddenly experience shooting pain in your calf muscle. During pregnancy, leg cramps are very common, especially at night.

You may also experience numbness and a tingling sensation in your toes and fingers. This is normal and occurs due to swelling of tissues that, in turn, press on nerves.

As a 19 weeks pregnant would-be-mom, your aches and pains may increase. You may experience several physical symptoms such as backache, swelling in feet and ankles, leg cramps, constipation, heartburn, dizziness and pain in lower abdomen.

Do not be unnerved if you find red marks on your shoulders, face and arms as these are temporary marks caused by dilation of blood vessels.

Also, 19 weeks pregnant would-be-moms have a very hard time staying away from food. Don’t be alarmed by this instinct. If you can’t keep away from your fridge or pantry, just ensure you don’t stock fatty, junk foods at home. 

Keep a steady supply of nutritious goodies. There’s no harm however in tantalizing your taste buds and indulging yourself once in a while.

You may find it difficult to breathe sometimes due to the nasal passage swelling. This is inevitable and the condition usually disappears after delivery. You can manage this by gently blowing your nose without causing nosebleed and damaging nasal membranes.

Pregnancy week nineteen is a good time to shop for a range of fashionable and ergonomic trendy maternity clothes especially because it’s the time when your stomach starts to get rounder. There are many pregnancy clothing options available at leading stores.

Gone are the days when expecting moms had to make do with huge dress jumpers and unsightly jeans with elastic waist. It’s not difficult today to find stylish maternity clothes on any budget.

There is however a downside to this. There is probably no sense stocking your wardrobe with clothes you will use only for a few months. If you’re on a budget, you could just wear those large shirts from your partner’s wardrobe and enhance your look with stylish accessories.

Possible Tests in Week 19

If a 19 weeks pregnant mom undertook maternal serum test especially a multiple marker screening in previous weeks and the test results showed a high risk complication, further tests such as ultrasound, amniocentesis, inhibin A may possibly be recommended to further confirm increased risk for Down syndrome.

About 2 to 4 ml of venous blood is used for this simple multiple marker screening blood test. It is expected that your serum hCG and estriol levels must be between 4,060 - 165,400 mIU/ml in pregnancy week nineteen.

However, it’s been observed that some women whose multiple marker screening tests evinced an increased risk for Down syndrome ended up having their babies without this defect.

You can go with your partner for the ultrasound this week and catch a glimpse of your little one. Sonograms help spot problems though they cannot guarantee a healthy baby.

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