17 Weeks Pregnant – Here are the Happenings about Your Pregnancy in Week Seventeen.



When you’re 17 weeks pregnant, you may notice that things are really moving now and may start to feel a bit off balance especially as your tummy is still growing. Because of this growth your center of gravity also changes thereby making you occasionally feel a little wobbly on your feet.

You need to make sure that you avoid all situations where there is a high risk of falling down. The most important thing at this stage is not to wear high-heeled shoes that may increase the risk of falling down. If you fall down at this stage it can be extremely dangerous for both the baby and you.

We’re aware you’re curious about your baby this week, and pleased to let you know that huge changes are occurring in fetal development, and your baby is now in the size of an average red onion or palm-size. It measures 5 inches crown-to-rump long and weighs about 5 ounces, having doubled its weight in two weeks.

Your little skinny, growing baby’s body fat begins to form in pregnancy week 17 and continues in the weeks ahead. As a seventeen week pregnant mom, you can now feel your baby’s movements. Your baby is kicking away now, with more coordinated heart beats, it can also sense sounds as it has ears popping out from the head.

Your baby is also used to the grumbling noise of your stomach, sound of blood rushing through your veins and your strong heartbeat. When you are 17 weeks pregnant, it can also hear noises from outside the uterus such as your voice.

Quite a number of changes occur in your body to accommodate your fast growing baby. Your abdomen and breasts may start itching as your skin stretches. You may feel back pain as well as the baby bump continues to change.

Cramping of your stomach may lead to conditions such as flatulence, indigestion and heartburn. Expecting moms in pregnancy week 17, experience hormone-triggered mood swings in terms of weepiness, irritability and such like.

Bleeding gums is also rampant due to increase in blood volume as well as pregnancy hormones. Pregnancy hormones can possibly make your gum, like other mucous membranes, become swollen and bleed easily. This is why your attention during pregnancy must be totally centered on every part of your body.

As a piece of advice, always keep your teeth clean, don’t ignore your mouth and don’t avoid your dentist while you’re pregnant. Try to see your dentist at least once during your 9 months pregnancy.

When you’re 17 weeks pregnant, you continue to gain weight. Though women find this distressing, weight gain is necessary for the growing baby. The extra weight includes the weight of your baby, of tissues and extra fluids such as the amniotic. You must continue to exercise regularly and eat a sensible diet to ensure that you lose the extra weight after delivery.

At this stage, a dark line called linea nigra starts extending from the belly button to the vagina as abdominal muscles stretch to accommodate the growing uterus. This line disappears after birth. Other symptoms you may experience when you’re 17 weeks pregnant include skin spots, swelling and stretch marks.

Possible Tests and Exams in Week 17

Your blood sugar level is measured when you’re 17 weeks pregnant. In fact, each time you visit your doctor, the urine strip test is done. Why is this done so often anyway? Two percent of women develop a condition called gestational diabetes.

Blood sugar tests are therefore done at regular intervals to ensure that this condition does not affect you. If the sugar levels are abnormal, you may be advised necessary medication or controlled diet to ensure that your pregnancy goes through normally.

It’s around this week that you’ll possibly be required to do an ultrasound to screen for fetal deformities or abnormalities. As early as week 17, your ultrasound technician will also be able to tell you the gender of your baby. However, some babies are subtle on their own and may not cooperate enough to be positioned in a way that his or her genital can be visualized.

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