16 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Pregnancy Week Sixteen.



Most 16 weeks pregnant moms usually feel stabilized physically and mentally in this pregnancy week. As an expectant mom, you now start enjoying the feel of your baby.

Your baby continues to grow-up fast at pregnancy week 16, measuring between 4-5 inches long and weighing about 3-4 ounces. Its back muscles are now strengthening to enable it to become straighter. Your baby can also probably hear your voice as the ear bones develop.

At this early stage, your little one is now able to express squints and frowns as the facial muscles firm up. Your baby’s arms and legs begin to move, a movement you may feel or not, however, an ultrasound examination can reveal this fluttering movement.

This early movement may not be felt by women in their first pregnancy, but it could possibly come this early in second or subsequent pregnancy.

Congrat! Your baby’s eyes finally begin the work, even though the eyelids are still sealed, the eyelids make side-movements that can allow your baby perceive light to some extent and at the same time, your baby gets more sensitive to touch.

As a 16 weeks pregnant, expecting mom, you will constantly gain weight. Apart from your baby’s weight, the rapid growth of your uterus, placenta, and increase in the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby contribute to your weight gain.

This is no cause for getting upset as every pound you put on points towards a healthy baby. Eat more nutrient-rich foods and reduce on junk foods. Exercise on a regular basis and you will be fine.

The amount of weight gained during pregnancy differs from woman to woman. Be happy and accept your weight gain. Go shopping for new garments that fit your present size and feel good wearing them.

Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 16 and Tips

Vaginal discharge: As you’re in week 16 of your pregnancy, you’ll find an increase in vaginal discharge. Though vaginal discharge is good to a certain extent as it helps safeguard birth canal from infections, you may feel very uncomfortable. Remember not to use vaginal wipes or not to douch as this may irritate the canal and result in infection.

Constipation: As your uterus expands, there will be increased pressure on your bowels when you’re sixteen weeks pregnant. Combined with a sluggish gastrointestinal tract caused by hormones, this can cause constipation.You can try to keep things moving in your body by taking a lot of fluids.

Heaviness in breasts: It’s natural for expecting moms to feel heaviness in their breasts which may especially be prominent around pregnancy week 16. There is nothing to worry about as your breasts will get back to shape after weaning.

Congestion in nose: When you’re 16 weeks pregnant, your will continue to suffer from blocked nasal passage due to swelling of mucous membranes. This swelling is caused by pregnancy hormones and may cause irritation, nasal congestion and nasal bleeds. This can be kept under control with nasal strips and saline nasal sprays.

Backache: Backache is one of the major symptoms of pregnancy. As your stomach grows larger, your lower back muscles are strained and can be relieved through prenatal massage or with a warm shower.

Varicose veins: When you’re 16 weeks pregnant, you may suffer from varicose veins. These are blood vessels that are engorged with blood, usually occurring in the legs or vulva. This symptom is made worse, causing discomfort, when you experience restriction of blood circulation mostly from body posture.

It’s advisable to keep a check on your weight gain, wear clothes and shoes that don’t restrict blood circulation, maintain good and comfortable postures always and stick to your doctor’s advice.

Gum bleeding: Some women who are 16 weeks pregnant may notice bleeding in their gums while brushing. This inflammation is caused by hormones and is quite normal. To avoid any gum infection, it’s recommended to visit your dentist at least once and follow regular brushing and flossing routine.

Possible Test in Pregnancy Week 16

Pregnancy week 16 is very important for specific tests. Your doctor may probably suggest the AFP test if you’ve not already done it at week 15. Abnormalities such as spina bifida or Down syndrome are detected through this simple, non-invasive Triple-Screen Test.

When any risk of neural tube defect or abnormalities are discovered through Triple-Screen Test, an ultrasound and amniocentesis may be recommended in further screening, usually around week 16-18 of pregnancy.

AFP screening test is optional even though most doctors will suggest this as it does not pose any risk to the developing fetus.

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