14 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Pregnancy Week Fourteen.



When you’re 14 weeks pregnant, your baby is getting more expressive. It can frown, squint and maybe even suck its thumb. If you’re lucky, you can catch your baby sucking the thumb in the ultrasound. The baby grimaces even as its facial muscles get a workout. Features are now getting sharper. A typical 14 weeks baby will be able to urinate into the amniotic fluid.

At pregnancy week 14, well into the second trimester, your baby starts to stretch out. It’s like the size of a lemon, measuring three and a half inches from head to toe.

By the end of week fourteen, the arms of your baby extend to be more proportionate to the rest of the body. The head however is smaller than the body and sits on a neck you can clearly be seen now.

In pregnancy week 14, other parts of the baby’s body get activated such as spleen that starts producing red blood cells and liver that starts producing bile. Your baby now has a thin covering of hair all over. It starts getting active and kicking around the half an inch hands and feet.

At 14 weeks pregnant, you start enjoying your second trimester as most of the discomfort from the first trimester disappears. Your morning sickness and nausea reduces (at least for most) as does the tenderness in your breasts. You will start feeling more energetic and active.

Tips of Advice

Start Enjoying your Second Trimester. The thrill of watching the first evidence of your baby is unmatched. As your tummy starts to show a little, enjoy the time relaxing and planning for the arrival of your baby with your partner.

You can find out the sex of your baby – if you want to!
The decision of finding out whether you baby is a boy or a girl is left entirely to you and your partner. While you may still be thrilled with the knowledge, no matter when you find out, there is no comparison to the joy and excitement of waiting till the last minute. If you decide on keeping it a secret, it’s important to inform your ultrasound technician and healthcare provider in advance.

Finding out the sex of your baby when you’re 14 weeks pregnant has its own advantages. You can picture a little girl or boy and develop a deep bond. You can pick appropriate baby clothes or even organize the nursery in advance. If an older sibling is involved, you can also mentally prepare him or her for the arrival of the baby.

What you must do this week
As you enter pregnancy week 14, you can start exercising and stretching your joints. Choose from many prenatal exercise classes. Join one and start your regular workout. You can also exercise at home with the help of online guides.

However, joining a physical class will keep you motivated. You can find a variety of different prenatal exercise classes offering options such as prenatal yoga, water exercise, Pilates and dance especially for 14 weeks pregnant women.

Possible Test and Ultrasound

A 14 weeks pregnant mom may possibly be required to do the triple test or the maternal serum screening. This test helps to check your alpha-fetoprotein level, including hormonal indicators for possible Down syndrome.

If you decide to find out whether you baby is a boy or a girl in pregnancy week fourteen, you’ll be able to know this with Ultrasound scan. In addition, ultrasound can also further be used to confirm and screen any abnormal result from triple-screen test.

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