13 Weeks Pregnant – Know What to Expect in Pregnancy Week Thirteen.



Congrats! Your 13 weeks pregnant milestone deserves to be celebrated. You enter into the second trimester in this pregnancy week 13. You can get back the energy you lost during the initial weeks of your pregnancy. For most would-be-moms, second trimester is usually the smoothest period.

Your baby continues to grow and mature, having doubled in size in the past 4 -5 weeks. Getting the big picture of what to expect at this time can help you avoid unwanted worries.

When you’re 13 weeks pregnant, your baby takes a complete shape. It’s about the size of a peach, measuring about 3 inches long and weighing around 0.7 ounce. It’s interesting to know that the growth of your baby’s head relative to the rest of the body slows down while the body of your baby grows more rapidly.

Your baby’s intestines are working and its pancreas starts producing insulin. This will help your baby to regulate its blood sugar levels. Its tiny fingers now have finger prints. It gets sucking muscles in the cheeks. If your baby is a girl, its ovaries contain around two million eggs, which will be reduced to about one million at the time of delivery.

Your baby’s eyelids are fused together to protect its developing eyes. Its tiny rib may be visible now. Your baby has started to make movements already. At the time you’re 13 weeks pregnant, your baby begins to move its body in jerky motions.

Vocal chords develop at this stage. Your baby’s circulatory system starts functioning, so it can eliminate toxins from the body. The nose, ears and chin become more prominent as well.

Your risk of miscarriage is reduced significantly in pregnancy week 13. Your physical discomforts are now much lower than the previous weeks. Your breasts may start making colostrum during this period.

Colostrum is a fluid rich in nutrients that you will feed your baby for the first few days after birth. The veins in your breast become more and more conspicuous, and you may even have large benign bumps on your breast.

You should expect to get increased energy levels, while nausea, fatigue, and other symptoms may be reduced. However, some discomforts like heartburn, swelling and back pain during this period could be experienced.

As the size of your uterus increases, you may get abdominal aches, especially felt when you’re about to change your position on bed. You will notice that your belly becomes bigger, when you’re thirteen weeks pregnant and you start losing your waist. Your uterus has grown large, so you can feel it above your public bone. Remember, it’s time to start wearing loose-fitting clothes.

Tips of Advice

You might have heard the popular pregnancy maxim that you need to eat for two in pregnancy. However, you need just 300 calories more in a day during the period pregnancy week thirteen falls.

Take fresh fruits and fruit juices instead of fried snacks and fizzy drinks. As long as you make healthy food choices, you need not worry about weight gain. Taking more servings of fruits and vegetables can give your body enough fiber that aids in digestion and avoids constipation.

You can continue doing mild exercises at the time you’re 13 weeks pregnant. Guess what? You can have sexual intercourse during this period since your baby is safely folded in the amniotic sack. However, if you experience vaginal bleeding or some other complications, you need to visit your healthcare provider.

Possible Tests in Pregnancy Week 13

You may possibly need to undergo Maternal Serum Alpha Fetoprotein screening test, in pregnancy week 13. This test checks the level of alpha fetoprotein in the blood. This is a very safe test that helps find out whether the baby has any birth defect like Spina bifida.

If your weight increases very slowly, you need to increase your protein intake. You need to start taking 340 grams of protein from the time you’re 13 weeks pregnant. However, consult with your healthcare provider for advice in every area whatsoever.

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