10 Weeks Pregnant - What You Need To Know and Expect in Pregnancy Week Ten.



When you’re 10 weeks pregnant, your baby starts to move its arms and legs. This is the right time for moms to start exercising. Tenth week is a milestone for your developing baby. By this time, your baby’s vital organs have formed.

Your baby will continue to grow for the remainder of your pregnancy. It’s advisable to learn more information about your fetus and changes in your body at this time, so that you can go through this period confidently.

Your baby should measure about 1.2 inches long at the time you’re 10 weeks pregnant. It has fully functional organs now. Tiny fingernails and toes are fully separated. The limbs that bend at the wrist and ankles and hair give your baby a more human appearance. The head is around half the size of its body. It can shake or move its head now.

The spine is visible and all the nerves go along with it at this stage. Tooth buds are present. The baby’s eyelids and bones continue to develop. Your baby’s bone appears white on an ultrasound. Its brain grows at an amazing rate. Every minute 250,000 new neurons are produced.

If your baby is a boy, its testes start producing testosterone, a male hormone in pregnancy week 10. You can also hear your baby’s heart beat with the Doppler’s stethoscope during this period.

In pregnancy week ten, your surging hormone levels cause numerous physical and emotional effects. Many pregnant moms get distressed and have frequent mood swings at this stage while some women tend to get upset easily.

Weight gain is one of the important physical changes. Though your baby is just above an inch in length, the size of your uterus grows at a rapid rate to provide space to your developing baby.

When you’re 10 weeks pregnant, you’ll notice that your regular clothes fit snugly. Nausea, fatigue and increased urination may disturb your night sleep and make mornings miserable. Your breast size continues to increase.

Cravings for unusual and non-food substances like coal, chalk and clay may occur during your tenth week of pregnancy. This unusual dangerous craving is popularly referred as “pica” and may be a sign of nutritional deficiency. Cravings for salty foods and sugary foods are also common.

Tips of Advice

You can start some simple exercises after consulting with your doctor at the time you’re ten weeks pregnant. Exercises relieve your stress and help to keep you in shape while carrying a baby.

Walking is the best exercise at this time. It helps to keep yourself in shape without stressing your developing midsection. Nutritional deficiencies and hormonal changes may contribute to cravings to some foods or weird substances.

You may need to get the help of your doctor to get rid of cravings. Some types of cravings may be dangerous to you and your baby’s health. Your doctor can recommend treatment to stop these peculiar cravings in pregnancy week 10.

Hormonal changes may contribute to inflammation of the gums by the time you’re 10 weeks pregnant. You need to take more care of your oral hygiene.

Possible Test and Examination

You may be recommended to take dating scan between 10 and 13 weeks of your pregnancy. This scan helps to estimate your due date. It also helps the doctor to check your baby’s development and shows whether you have twins, triplets or more.

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