1 Month Pregnant Woman – Let's X-ray Everything you Need to Know and Expect.



Many 1 month pregnant women are usually unaware of what’s happening inside their wombs perhaps due to the lack of clear physical symptoms.

As strange as it sounds, by the time a woman realizes she’s missed her period, the first two gestational weeks have already passed and she might be one month pregnant.

Even if nothing seems to announce the big event externally, lots of things are happening inside the womb. So let’s take a quick peek into the “genesis” of pregnancy and the signs and changes that could indicate when any woman is 1 month pregnant.

Fetal Development in Pregnancy Month One

The intrauterine journey of the baby starts when sperm fertilizes the egg released during ovulation. When a woman is 1 month pregnant, the baby is actually only two weeks old.

Right after the zygote implants in the uterus’ lining, a complex process of differentiation begins and the developing group of cells (blastocyst) continues to grow until it’s transformed into the embryo.

Measuring 0.05 inches (1.25 mm) at the beginning, the embryo develops quite quickly when you’re 1 month pregnant. At the end of week 4, the growing embryo already has a differentiated brain, lungs, heart and digestive system. Tiny spots for eyes, ears, nose and members become visible.

As well, blood cells start forming and circulation begins to the extent that your doctor can detect the baby’s heartbeat. The amniotic sac likewise forms around the developing baby, serving as a protective medium.

By the end of pregnancy month 1, the embryo measures 1/4 inch(6-7 mm) and has the weight of a grain of rice.

Changes in 1 Month Pregnant Moms

Except to those who are actively involved in trying to get pregnant, it’s quite possible to neglect the earliest signs of pregnancy especially during the egg’s fertilization. Some of the signs include the under-listed;

• a 3-4 days bleeding due to blastocyst’s implantation
• bloating
• increased tiredness
• lack of appetite
• leg cramps
• breasts tenderness
• mood swings

These symptoms are quite similar to those occurring during the normal menstrual period only that sometimes they’re accompanied with vomiting, nausea or morning sickness and frequent urination, signs that rank among the top 10 signs of pregnancy.

The uterine lining becomes thicker, the womb starts growing and blood supply into the uterine area increases.

The cervix plugs with clear mucus in order to provide a protective barrier for the developing embryo and this is believed to likely contribute to increase in vaginal secretion. In some women the areolas around the nipples get darker starting with this first month.

All these symptoms are the result of hormonal changes taking place inside the body in pregnancy month one.

Tests and tips for 1 Month Pregnant Moms

A home pregnancy test should be taken once you notice your period is late even if there are no conspicuous symptoms of pregnancy in view.

A regular pregnancy test is usually enough but you can also opt for a blood or urine test taken in a clinic, to be 100% sure. A complete physical exam, a rubella titer, a hemoglobin blood test as well as a pap smear are among the assessment that may be necessary after pregnancy is confirmed.

The time a woman is one month pregnant is crucial because it’s a period of great risks for fetal defects. Quitting absolutely any habit or lifestyle that could harm the growing embryo is a must.

Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and consuming large amounts of caffeine are contraindicated- dangerous to the health of your growing embryo. Grabbing unhealthy snacks shouldn't be one of your habits anymore and you should avoid contact with people suffering from infectious conditions such as influenza.

Doing intense physical exercises, working in stressful or toxic environments and exposing yourself to electromagnetic fields can harm the baby and should be avoided at this time.

Drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins and mineral supplements, maintaining a balanced diet and resting whenever your body feels tired are easy to apply measures that can increase your physical and emotional comfort, helping you cope better with all the changes your body undergoes in pregnancy month one.

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