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Pregnancy is an exciting pride of womanhood; an experience that’s full of cares and concerns from preparing yourself, trying to conceive, getting pregnant and carrying your baby through the stages of fetal development, labor and delivery.

We know that every woman is uniquely different. Likewise different is every baby. It's practically difficult to think there can be any “almighty rules” to having a baby.

However, we endeavor to provide useful information, for every woman, covering various topics, questions and issues which you will find helpful on conception, what to expect, what you will do to cope and how best to be healthy; enjoying both yourself and your baby at every step of the journey.

Our site contains calculators and calendars; from online ovulation calculator, menstrual cycle and fertility calculators and calendars, among other tools that will show you the fertile days to conceive, time-lines of fetal development, including a due date calculator (expected delivery date of your baby).

From the process of ovulation, conception, early symptoms and signs, cares of baby development week-by-week and concerns about the inevitable changes you and your growing baby will experience, you will find relevant expert tips, advice, shared experiences, insightful ideas and pregnancy books that will help you to demystify the myths, simplify the complexities and take care of yourself to enjoy a healthy and exciting lifestyle before, during and after your pregnancy.

Every Baby depends on the Woman.

Whether you're planning your first conception or another round of it, the only place for your baby to grow is inside you and how well you take care of yourself has a hefty impact on your baby’s health and well-being.

You will be learning about the important things that matter as every woman goes through the stages of baby development day-by-day, week-by-weekmonth-by-month and trimester-by-trimester.

Essentially, the information provided on this website is a combined knowledge, perspectives and opinions of experts, medical advisers and shared experiences of moms, who have been through childbirth and parenting.

This is an Online Community for Expecting Women Worldwide.

Pregnancy IS Exciting to those who have the Big picture.

Don’t hesitate to extend your participation on this site, beyond your first visit.

We encourage you to return often, get involved in sharing the pregnancy side of womanhood by commenting on your liked pages, sharing this site with your friends, loved ones and joining other would-be-moms and expecting women worldwide, who are connecting, learning and sharing their experiences, opinions and knowledge on this website.

You'll likewise enjoy myriad of inspiring poems and stories from pregnant Moms around the world.

Whether you're trying to conceive, already expecting or simply want to learn about childbearing? This website is helpful on all you need to know, what to expect and how best to cope throughout the stages of baby development, labor and delivery, even postpartum.

Have a pleasant experience on our website and don't hesitate to share with us...PregnancyMama Cares!

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